High Heart

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The riverlands and the location of High Heart
The riverlands and the location of High Heart
High Heart
The riverlands and the location of High Heart

High Heart is a very tall hill sacred to the children of the forest in the riverlands. Around its crown stands a ring of thirty-one weirwood stumps. The hill is considered a safe place due to its relative height compared to the very flat surrounding land, making it nearly impossible to be approached unseen.


According to song, during the Andal invasion the Andal king Erreg slaughtered children of the forest, their animals, and their First Men allies at High Heart, after which his men cut down the weirwood grove. According to True History, however, the children had left the region long before the Andals arrived.[1]

The nearby smallfolk avoid the area as it is said to be haunted by the children of the forest who had been slaughtered by Erreg.[2]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Arya Stark and the brotherhood without banners rest here one night while travelling south, in order to meet with the ghost of High Heart and to gather information on the whereabouts of Lord Beric Dondarrion.[2] After having found Lord Beric and heading back north, the brotherhood return to High Heart and again meet with the ghost of High Heart, this time she meets Arya but becomes distressed, believing her to be associated with death.[3]

A Feast for Crows

Cersei Lannister receives a report that "Tyrion had become a hermit in the riverlands, living on some haunted hill."[4]

A Dance with Dragons

While aboard the Selaesori Qhoran, Tyrion Lannister recalls what he considers to be a less reliable tale that had reached his ears, that of a dwarf witch who haunts a hill in the riverlands.[5]


No harm can ever come to those as sleep here.[2]

This place belongs to the old gods still ... they linger here as I do, shrunken and feeble but not yet dead.[3]

Chapters that take place at High Heart

Behind the Scenes

In an early draft of A Storm of Swords, the hill is called "Whitecrown."[6]