Flement Brax

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House Brax.svg Ser
Flement Brax
House Brax.svg
Title Ser[1]
Allegiance House Brax
Culture Westermen
Born or before 278 AC[2]
Father Andros Brax
Spouse Morya Frey[1]

Flement Brax is a knight from House Brax and the third son of Lord Andros Brax of Hornvale.[1] He is married to Morya Frey and they have three sons together: Robert, Walder and Jon.[1]


Flement wears silver armor inlaid with amethysts and a striped purple-and-silver cloak. His horsehead helmet has a spiral horn two feet long, and his shield displays the unicorn of House Brax.[3]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Flement is part of the force commanded by Lord Tywin Lannister in the riverlands.[3]

Flement leads a party of mounted horsemen to challenge Tyrion Lannister and the clansmen accompanying him when they approach the camp of Tywin's army. He tells Tyrion that Lord Tywin has taken the inn at the crossroads for his quarters, leading Tyrion there.[3]

Flement rides under the command of Ser Addam Marbrand in the right flank during the battle on the Green Fork.[4]

News arrives at Lord Tywin's camp of the defeat of the Lannister forces in the Battle of the Camps. The messenger was part of Lord Andros Brax's camp on the west side and tells of Lord Brax's fateful attempt to cross the Tumblestone on rafts to come to help to the north camp when it came under attack by a force led by Ser Brynden Tully. An incredulous Flement is told Andros drowned under the weight of his armor.[5] Flement's older brother, Tytos Brax, becomes the new Lord of Hornvale.[1]

When Lord Tywin orders Tyrion to act as Hand of the King in his place in King's Landing, Tyrion asks why Tywin is not choosing someone else, mentioning Flement in this context, among others. Tyrion receives the answer that Tywin has chosen him, because he is his son.[5]

A Clash of Kings

Ser Flement is among Lord Tywin's army as it attempts to cross the Red Fork of the Trident, leading to the Battle of the Fords. Early in the engagement, Tywin commands him to force a crossing six miles south of Riverrun, but his attempt is repulsed when Mallister bowmen reign high arcing shots over the shields of the Lannister soldiers and scorpions send heavy stones on them to break up the formation.[6]

A Storm of Swords

Ser Flement is among the nobles sent with Tyrion Lannister to greet the Dornish party, headed by Prince Oberyn Martell, when they arrive at King's Landing. Tyrion presents him as the heir to Hornvale.[7]

Flement is called as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of Tyrion Lannister for the death of King Joffrey I Baratheon. He tells of how he heard Tyrion threaten the king.[8]

A Feast for Crows

Ser Flement leads two hundred heavy horse that are a part of the force to take Riverrun, commanded by Ser Jaime Lannister. He joins Jaime and others for supper at Castle Hayford on the first night of their ride. During the meal, he annoys Jaime with admiration for the golden hand, prompting Jaime to suggest that, if Flement chops off his own sword hand, he can have it. This silences further comments on Jaime's artificial limb.[9]

While at Harrenhal, Flement engages in a training fight with Ser Lyle Crakehall in the yard, cheered on by soldiers. Jaime thinks the Strongboar will have the upper hand in the fight.[9]