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House Tallhart of Torrhen's Square
House Tallhart.svg
Proud and Free
Coat of arms Three sentinel trees, green on brown
(Brunâtre, three sentinel trees vert)
Seat Torrhen's Square
Head Lady Eddara Tallhart
Region North
Title Master of Torrhen's Square[N 1]
Heir Brandon Tallhart

House Tallhart of Torrhen's Square is a noble house from the north and is among the principal houses sworn to House Stark.[1] Ser Helman Tallhart is the Master of Torrhen's Square,[2][N 1] which is located southwest of Winterfell.[3]

Their arms show three green sentinel trees, over a brown field.[4][5] The words of the house do not appear in the books, but according to a semi-canon source they are "Proud and Free".[6]


According to a semi-canon source, the Tallharts descend from the First Men.[7]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After getting indications that the Lannisters were involved in the murder attempt on Bran Stark, Lord Eddard Stark tells his wife Catelyn to send word to Ser Helman Tallhart and Galbart Glover to raise a hundred bowmen and fortify Moat Cailin.[8]

The banners of House Tallhart are seen by Bran at Winterfell when Robb Stark calls the northern banners after Eddard's arrest in King's Landing.[4] Helman is the first to pay his respects to Catelyn when she joins Robb's army at Moat Cailin.[9] Helman is chosen by Robb to captain a garrison of four hundred archers and swordsmen left at the Twins to reinforce its defenses and monitor Lord Walder Frey.[10]

A Clash of Kings

Leobald Tallhart, whose wife is the sister of the late Lord Halys Hornwood, brings up his son Beren as a possible heir to the Hornwood inheritance. Benfred Tallhart raises a company of young men who call themselves the Wild Hares, and ride through the northern countryside with rabbit skins, trying to emulate the Young Wolf, Robb.[11]

Leobald sends his nephew Benfred to deal with the raiders pillaging the Stony Shore, who turn out to be ironborn led by Theon Greyjoy. Benfred is captured during the harrying of the Stony Shore, however, and is drowned at sea under the supervision of Aeron Greyjoy.[12]

Ser Edmure Tully orders Helman to leave the Twins and assist Lord Roose Bolton in taking Harrenhal.[13] Lord Bolton later receives notice from Helman that he has captured Darry after the Lannister garrison surrendered. Roose replies that by order of King Robb, the prisoners are to be executed and the castle burned. Helman is instructed to then join Robett Glover and attack Duskendale.[14]

After defeating the ironborn in the fight at Torrhen's Square, Leobald joins Ser Rodrik Cassel to take back Winterfell from Theon's ironborn.[15] However, Leobald is slain in the battle at Winterfell by the Dreadfort's garrison, his body presented to Theon as a gift by Ramsay Snow.[16]

A Storm of Swords

Helman is slain during the battle at Duskendale.[17] Dagmer Cleftjaw leads the capture of Torrhen's Square.[18]

Tallhart troops are slain in the Red Wedding.[19]

Maester Aemon sends a raven to Torrhen's Square in a plea for help to defend Castle Black from the wildlings.[20]

A Feast for Crows

Dagmer keeps the surviving Tallhart family hostage at Torrhen's Square.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

While the ironborn at Moat Cailin[21] and Deepwood Motte[22] are defeated, Torrhen's Square remains held by Dagmer Cleftjaw.[23]

Tallhart men join Roose Bolton, the new Warden of the North, at Barrowton and Winterfell. However, Roose does not believe he can rely on their loyalty.[24]

Tallhart survivors from the battle at Winterfell rally to the side of King Stannis Baratheon after the fight by Deepwood Motte.[25]

House Tallhart at the end of the third century

The known Tallharts during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:



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