Celia Tully

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House Tully.svgCelia TullyHouse Tully.svg
Allegiance House Tully
Culture Rivermen
Father Lord Tully
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Celia Tully was a noblewoman from House Tully during the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen. She was a daughter of the ruling Lord of Riverrun.[1][N 1]


King Aegon V Targaryen and his wife, Queen Betha Blackwood, made several betrothals for their children in 237 AC, amongst them was Celia and Prince Jaehaerys. However, the betrothal was broken by Jaehaerys three years later, and he married his sister, Princess Shaera, for love instead.[1]


  1. Given the succession of House Tully during the third century after Aegon's Conquest (Medgar, his successor, the father of Hoster, and then Hoster Tully), this Lord Tully can only be either Medgar's successor or Hoster's father.


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