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War of the Ninepenny Kings

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War of the Ninepenny Kings
Part of Blackfyre Pretenders
Date between 259AC and 261AC[1]
Location Stepstones, Free Cities
Result Band of Nine fall from power
Ending of Blackfyre Pretenders line.

Armies of Tyrosh
Seven Kingdoms
Armies of the Band
Golden Company
Notable commanders
Jaehaerys II[2]Band of Nine
Maelys Blackfyre
Samarro Saan

The War of the Ninepenny Kings was a conflict involving several of the Free Cities, started by a group of ambitious men known as the Band of Nine. After the Band set their sights on Westeros, Jaehaerys II dispatched an army to defeat them. [3]



During the reign of King Jaehaerys II, the Blackfyres re-emerged to trouble the Seven Kingdoms. Maelys Blackfyre, who was said to have consumed his twin in the womb, resulting in a second head growing out of his neck, made alliance with a group of eight other power-seekers in Essos. The members of this group, the Band of Nine, vowed to aid one another in achieving their goals.


The Band of Nine met with initial success, conquering the Disputed Lands and securing the Free City of Tyrosh, setting up Alequo Adarys, the Goldentongue as its ruler. Second, they secured the Stepstones as a base for operations against Westeros.

The Seven Kingdoms recognized the threat and sent a large force to the Stepstones to remove the danger before it grew any larger. This was the last time prior to the War of the Five Kings that the regional warden titles were activated. Several knights distinguished themselves in the battle, including Brynden Tully and Barristan Selmy, who cut a bloody path though the Golden Company's ranks to slay the last of the Blackfyre Pretenders - Maelys the Monstrous - in single combat, and ended the threat to the Seven Kingdoms.[4] However, it took another six years before the Band of Nine's holdings in Essos were lost and Alequo deposed from power in Tyrosh.


Hoster Tully became acquainted with Lord Baelish during this event which subsequently led to Lord Tully taking his son, Petyr Baelish, on as a ward. The Blackfyres were extinguished in the male line; this accomplishment was enough to name Barristan Selmy to the Kingsguard when the next opening presented itself.

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