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K'Dath is located in The Known World
Location of K'Dath in the known world

K'Dath is a semi-legendary city supposedly located in a plain located in the Further East of Essos.


K'Dath is east of the Bleeding Sea and north of the Land of the Shrykes. Farther to the southwest are the Five Forts. To the southeast of K'Dath are Bonetown and the Dry Deep, while to the northeast is the Grey Waste.[1]


The inhabitants of K'Dath claim it is the first and oldest city of the known world.[2] It is said that K'Dath is the site of unspeakable rites performed to slake the hunger of mad gods and that even the Shrykes that dwell in the lands south of the city fear it.[3]


Does such a city truly exist? If so, what is its nature?[3]

—writings of Yandel

Behind the Scenes

K'Dath is a reference by George R. R. Martin to Kadath, a fictional place in the works of H. P. Lovecraft.[4]


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