Great Sand Sea

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The Great Sand Sea is a massive desert valley and canyon in Essos, just east of the Bone Mountains and southeast of the Krazaaj Zasqa.[1] The Steel Road skirts around the north of the Great Sand Sea, while farther to the north are the Howling Hills. Some maesters believe it to be an ancient inland sea, since dried, and become baking hot in the south and progressively colder to the north.[2]

Cities between the Great Sand Sea and the Bone Mountains include Kayakayanaya just to the northwest, Samyriana in the central region, and Bayasabhad to the southwest. On the other side of the Great Sand Sea are Tiqui to the southeast and Trader Town between its center and the Shrinking Sea, on the opposite side as Samyriana.[1] A number of these settlements were within the Patrimony of Hyrkoon, an ancient nation that flourished east of the Bone Mountains and had its heartland in the once fertile Great Sand Sea.[3]