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The Patrimony of Hyrkoon was an ancient nation that flourished to the east of the Bone Mountains in Essos.


It was centred around a fertile inland sea, since desiccated to become the Great Sand Sea. The fortified cities of Samyriana and Bayasabhad were once part of this great nation, both guarding the Steel Road, a major trade route in the area.

The custom of having warrior women, who fight bare-breasted and pierce their nipples with iron rings and cheeks with rubies, shared by the above cities (along with Kayakayanaya), possibly originates in the Patrimony. West of the Bone Mountains, the city of Yinishar, now the ruins of Vaes Jini, may have been connected with Hyrkoon, as the people of Yinishar were akin to the people of Samyriana.[1]


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