Fall of Dragonstone

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Fall of Dragonstone
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 130 AC
Place Dragonstone
Result victory for the greens
Blacks Greens
Robert Quince
Baela Targaryen
Aegon II Targaryen
Alfred Broome
Marston Waters
A few loyal members of the Dragonstone garrison
Black defectors
Robert Quince
Grand Maester Gerardys

The fall of Dragonstone[1] occurred during the Dance of the Dragons.


After escaping the fall of King's Landing, King Aegon II Targaryen hid on Dragonstone, the island stronghold of his rival, Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. He convinced several blacks, including Ser Alfred Broome and Ser Marston Waters, to defect to the greens and help him take the island, with the assistance of Tom Tanglebeard and Tom Tangletongue. Marston secured the ravens, preventing Grand Maester Gerardys and Maester Hunnimore from sending a warning, while Alfred slew the castellan of Dragonstone, Ser Robert Quince.

During the coup, Aegon fought Lady Baela Targaryen, both mounted on their dragons Sunfyre and Moondancer, respectively. The dragons fought in the pre-dawn sky above the castle, eventually slamming into the yard still fighting. Aegon jumped from the saddle twenty feet from the ground, but Baela crashed to the ground with Moondancer. Marston stopped Alfred from slaying the burned girl as she crawled away from her dying dragon, and Tom Tangletongue carried her to the maester.[1]

Aegon II shattered his legs in a fall during the fight, but he refused milk of the poppy when Gerardys offered it due to fear of Gerardys might poison him and because of his experience with it during his recovery after Rook's Rest. Instead, Aegon ordered Gerardys to be fed to Sunfyre, though a part to remain to greet his sister.[1][2]


Dragonstone was now in the control of King Aegon II Targaryen and the greens. Baela Targaryen, Aegon, and his dragon, Sunfyre, were seriously injured during the aerial duel over the island. The charred body of Robert Quince, Dragonstone's steward, master-at-arms, captain of the guards, and the upper torso of Grand Maester Gerardys were hanged from the castle battlements near the gate to greet Aegon's sister when she arrived.[2]

When Rhaenyra eventually returned to Dragonstone, she and her followers were quickly defeated by Ser Alfred Broome's men.[1]


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