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The Milk of poppy is a medical drink, an opiate[1] made by Maesters from the Poppy flower and white in color thus its name "milk of the poppy". The Milk is used as a pain killer or anesthetic in Westeros. Normally given to those mortally wounded or in great pain. It has a quick effect of causing sleep, even for people in great pain.[2],[3]

The books' descriptions strongly suggest that the Poppy may well be the same flower found in the real world, and the milk of the poppy's effects are likely a result of a strong content of some combination of morphine and codeine. Milk of the Poppy seems to have some sort of strong undesired collateral effect, probably of addictive and/or incapacitating nature, for we have seen characters prefer to go through strong pain instead of consuming it.[2],[4]


The maester poured a slow trickle down his throat. Tyrion swallowed, scarcely tasting. Too late, he realized the liquid was milk of the poppy. By the time the maester removed the funnel from his mouth, he was already spiralling back to sleep.[2]

"Maester, could I trouble you for some milk of the poppy?"[5]
- Prince Doran Martell

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