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Obara Sand
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Obara Sand by Elia Fernández

Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornish
Born In 271 AC or 272 AC[1], at Oldtown
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (appears)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Played by Keisha Castle-Hughes
TV series Season 5 | Season 6 | Season 7
Obara chooses the spear. © FFG

Obara Sand is the bastard daughter of Oberyn Martell and an Oldtown whore. She is the eldest of the infamous Sand Snakes.

Appearance and Character

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A prickly, hot-tempered woman who is given to martial pursuits as she considers herself a warrior, wielding a spear, a whip, and a round shield of steel and copper[2]. She is hard, quick, hot-tempered[3], and strong. She is fond of wine[3] and is a confident rider who uses spurs, often to the point where the animal is bloody, and always rides stallions[2]. Obara is a big-boned woman near to thirty, long-legged, with close-set eyes and rat-brown hair.[2]


When her father came to claim her, her mother did not want him to take her. He threw a spear down at her mother's feet and slapped her mother. Then Oberyn asked Obara which weapon, the spear or the tears, she would choose. Obara chose the spear. Her mother drank herself to death within a year.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Obara meets Prince Doran Martell at the Water Gardens, demanding vengeance for her father. Prince Doran says he will think about it. After more visits by her half-sisters, Prince Doran orders the arrest of all the Sand Snakes. They are detained in the Spear Tower in Sunspear[4].

A Dance with Dragons

She along with her other sisters are released and are present at the feast when Ser Balon Swann presents the head of Ser Gregor Clegane to Prince Doran. She places Clegane's skull on top of the marble column when Maester Caleotte can not reach it[4]. When a toast is raised by Ricasso to King Tommen Baratheon, Obara allows her wine cup to be filled before upending it onto the floor and leaving. Later when discussing Gregor Clegane's death with her sisters, Areo Hotah, Arianne Martell, Ellaria Sand, and Prince Doran she comments that his death, "Is a start" and vouches for war against House Lannister, causing Ellaria alarm[4]. Doran has Obara lead Ser Balon Swann to High Hermitage so he can hunt and kill the Darkstar for his attack on Princess Myrcella[4].[5]


"Give me back my spear, Uncle. Cersei sent us a head. We should send her back a bag of them."


of Dorne
Ellaria Sand
Obara Sand
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Elia Sand
Dorea Sand
Sarella Sand
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