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The Father - by Joshua Cairós. © FFG

The Father, or the Father Above, is one of the seven aspects of a single deity. Believers of the Faith of the Seven consider their god to be one with seven aspects, as the sept is a single building, with seven walls.[1]


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The Father represents judgement. He is depicted as a bearded man who carries scales. He is prayed to for justice.

Weddings are conducted standing between the altars of the Father and the Mother.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Catelyn Stark prays in a nameless village’s sept. The sept is modest and has no statues of the Seven, only rough charcoal drawings to represent them. To the Father Catelyn Stark prays for justice, the strength to seek it and the wisdom to know it. [1]

A Feast for Crows

While standing vigil over his father's body, Jaime Lannister's thoughts turn unbidden to Brienne of Tarth. He wonders where she is. He thinks, Father give her strength. Almost a prayer … but he wonders was it the god he was invoking, the Father Above whose towering gilded likeness is glimmering in the candlelight across the sept? Or is he praying to the corpse that lies before him? He wonders, Does it matter? They never listened, either one. The Warrior had been Jaime’s god since he was old enough to hold a sword.


Our Father Above knows their guilt and will sit in judgment on them all.[2]

The Father's face is stern and strong,
he sits and judges right from wrong.
He weighs our lives, the short and long,
and loves the little children[3]