Battle at the Red Fork

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Battle at the Red Fork
Battle of the Red Fork Tactical Map.png
Battle at the Red Fork tactical map
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 130 AC
Place Western riverlands
Result Victory for the greens
Rhaenyra Targaryen.svg Blacks Aegon II Targaryen.svg Greens
Unknown Unknown
Lord Tristan Vance Lord Jason Lannister

The Battle at the Red Fork was a battle at a crossing of the Red Fork in the western riverlands, in 130 AC during the Dance of the Dragons.[1][2]


A green ally of King Aegon II Targaryen, Lord Jason Lannister led the westermen in attacking the rivermen, many of whom were black supporters of Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen.


The westermen met the outnumbered rivermen at a crossing of the Red Fork. The rivermen threw back three attempts of the greens to cross the river, with Lord Jason Lannister being slain in the third attack by a squire, Pate of Longleaf. Command of the Lannister host was assumed by Ser Adrian Tarbeck.[3]

Adrian and a hundred knights shed their heavy armor, swam the Red Fork upstream of the fighting, and surprised Lord Tristan Vance's men from the rear. The rivermen resistance collapsed after Adrian slew Tristan, allowing the remaining westermen to cross the Red Fork.[3]


Lord Petyr Piper knighted Pate of Longleaf, who became known as Longleaf the Lionslayer.[3]

The Lannister host continued to march east towards Harrenhal,[4] winning victories under Adrian's command.[5] The westermen were briefly checked at Acorn Hall by Lord Joseth Smallwood and Lord Petyr Piper, but Lord Piper died in battle and Lord Smallwood retreated back to his castle. Three days later, the rivermen regrouped under a hedge knight, Ser Harry Penny, and gave battle to the westermen again. While the Lannister host once again prevailed, Ser Adrian and Ser Harry killed each other in the fighting.[4]

With Adrian's death, command of the westermen passed to the aged and wounded Lord Humfrey Lefford. The Lannister host continued east into the riverlands, but they were eventually crushed in the Battle by the Lakeshore. With Jason dead and Casterly Rock in disarray,[6], Lord Dalton Greyjoy, the Red Kraken, then attacked the westerlands. Jason's widow, Lady Johanna Lannister, barred the gates of Casterly Rock, but was unable to prevent the ironborn from sacking Lannisport and raiding the coast.[2][5]


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