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Ellyn Reyne
Ellyn Reyne.jpg
Ellyn Reyne, as depicted by Magali Villeneuve in The World of Ice & Fire

Alias Ellyn Tarbeck[1]
Title Lady of Tarbeck Hall[1]
Culture Westermen
Born ~190228 AC[2]
Died 261 AC[1]
Tarbeck Hall[1]
Father Robert Reyne

Ellyn Reyne, also known as Ellyn Tarbeck, was a noblewoman of House Reyne who married into first House Lannister and later House Tarbeck. She was the daughter of Lord Robert Reyne and the sister of Lord Roger Reyne, the Red Lion of Castemere, and Ser Reynard Reyne.[1]


Early life

Ellyn was described as a strong-willed, hot-tempered, and ambitious woman who dreamed of not only marrying into the wealthy House Lannister, but of also making herself the Lady of Casterly Rock.[1]

Due to House Reyne's position and wealth, Lord Robert Reyne had little trouble arranging his daughter's betrothal to Ser Tywald Lannister, the heir of Gerold the Golden, Lord of Casterly Rock. However, Ellyn's betrothed and father were slain during the Peake Uprising in 233 AC. Ellyn seduced the new heir, Tion, even though Tion was betrothed to a daughter of Lord Rowan. Gerold, having witnessed how quickly Ellyn acted after the deaths of Robert and Tywald, opposed this match, but the ailing lord eventually let his son follow his heart.[1]

House Lannister

Lady Ellyn married Tion Lannister in 235 AC. With Lord Gerold Lannister twice widowed and refusing to remarry, Ellyn became the Lady of Casterly Rock in all but name. As Gerold became less involved with ruling, Ellyn became a rival of Jeyne Marbrand, the wife of the thirdborn son of Gerold, Tytos Lannister. Ellyn hosted tourneys and balls, and her splendid court was filled with musicians, artists, and mummers. She also used her new position to empower House Reyne. Ellyn lavished her kin—including her brothers Roger and Reynard—with offices, honors and lands.

Tion perished fighting in the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion, dying without issue. To prepare Tytos for rule, Gerold became involved in the affairs of the westerlands again and most of the Reynes departed for Castamere. Ellyn due to the Widow's Law remained at the Rock, but her influence declined in favor of Tytos's wife, Jeyne. According to Maester Beldon, Ellyn unsuccessfully attempted to bed Tytos.[1]

House Tarbeck

Lord Gerold Lannister had Ellyn hastily wed to the widowed Walderan Tarbeck, the fifty-five-year-old Lord of Tarbeck Hall. Lord Toad, the fool at Casterly Rock, called the rivalry between Ellyn and Jeyne the War of the Wombs. According to a semi-canon source,[3] Ellyn had two daughters, Rohanne and Cyrelle, and a son, Tion, with her aged husband.

Ellyn was present at the feast in the westerlands when the betrothal of Tytos's daughter, Genna Lannister, to Emmon Frey was announced. Ellyn laughed, probably because she did not find it a good match.[4] Ellyn used House Lannister's wealth to rebuild Tarbeck Hall.[1]

When Ser Tywin Lannister, the heir of Lord Tytos, demanded that debts owed to Casterly Rock be repaid, Walderan tried to intimidate Tytos but was subsequently imprisoned by Tywin. Ellyn took hostage two Lannisters of Lannisport, as well as Stafford Lannister, whose sister Joanna was betrothed to Tywin.[4] Ellyn let Tytos know that she would kill the Lannisters if he harmed her husband Walderan. Although Tywin advised to send Lord Tarbeck back in three pieces, an exchange was arranged.[5]

Ellyn was killed in 261 AC during the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion. A boulder from a trebuchet collapsed the keep of Tarbeck Hall upon Ellyn and her son Tion. Tywin then had the castle put to the torch.[4][1]

Quotes about Ellyn

Lady Ellyn must surely be a sorceress, for she made it rain inside the Rock all year.[1]

When Tarbeck Hall came crashing down on Lady Ellyn, that scheming bitch, Tyg claimed he smiled then ...[4]




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