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Marc Fishman theboar.jpg
Borroq by Marc Fishman©

Culture Free folk
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Borroq is a free folk skinchanger who can inhabit the body of a boar.[1]


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Borroq is hulking, black browed, with a flat nose, heavy jowls dark with stubble, and small close-set eyes.[2] Reflecting on an encounter with Borroq in his youth, Varamyr describes him as having looked so much like his boar, that all he lacked were tusks.[1] His boar is as large as a bull, covered in coarse black hair, with tusks as long as a man's arm[2] or a sword.[3]


Borroq was one of those present at a meeting of skinchangers that Haggon took Varamyr to in his youth.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Borroq and his boar are amongst Tormund's group which crosses the Wall.[2] Because his boar does not get along with the direwolf Ghost, Borroq takes up residence in an ancient tomb near Castle Black's lichyard, where the boar roots amongst the graves.[3] Jon Snow intends to have Borroq eventually accompany Soren to Stonedoor.[3]