Fountain of the Drunken God

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The Fountain of the Drunken God is a fountain in Tyrosh.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

For years an elderly dwarf juggler known to Penny and Oppo would juggle by it everyday. His hands were not as deft as they had been, and sometimes he would drop his balls and chase them across the square, but the Tyroshi would laugh and throw him coins all the same.

One morning Penny and Oppo heard that his body had been found at the Temple of Trios. Next to the temple doors is a big statue of three-headed Trios. The old man had been cut into three parts and pushed inside the threefold mouths of Trios. When the juggler’s parts were sown back together his head was gone – he may have been mistaken as Tyrion Lannister and his severed head most likely taken to Westeros to present to Cersei Lannister who had had offered a lordship to anyone who could bring her Tyrion's head.[1]