Green Grace (Astapor)

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Green Grace
Title Green Grace
Allegiance Graces of Astapor
Culture Ghiscari
Born Astapor
Died 300 AC
Book A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

The Green Grace is a Ghiscari priestess and the highest religious authority in the city of Astapor.

Recent events

A Dance with Dragons

When the armies, sellswords and allies of Yunkai lay siege to Astapor, driving the city to famine, the Green Grace has a vision that the dead king, Cleon, will deliver Astapor from the Yunkish. The despairing Astapori heed this vision and attempt to break the siege, making the disastrous decision to have Cleon's corpse disinterred and strapped onto the back of a starving horse to lead Astapor's new, faux Unsullied on a disastrous sortie outside the city's gates. After the defeat, the Green Grace is impaled upon a stake in the Plaza of Punishment and left until she dies.[1]