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Ramsay Bolton and his pack of feral dogs hunting in the Bolton Forests - by Dejan Delic ©
© Fantasy Flight Games.

The "Bastard's girls" are how Theon Greyjoy refers to Ramsay Bolton's pack of feral dogs.[1]

Ramsay uses the hounds to partake in his sick practice of releasing women naked into the Bolton Forests where he hunts them for sport after giving them a days head start. The pack is made up of all vicious, mean tempered bitches. The dogs are looked after by the kennelmaster Ben Bones of the Dreadfort who under Ramsays instructions also trained them to kill wolves.[2]

Those women he hunts that give him good sport are given a quick death (after being raped) and in "honor" of the hunt, Ramsay names a new bitch pup after the woman. Those women that do not give him good sport are not given a quick death but are flayed alive and do not get a dog named after them. His current pack consists of...

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