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The Bastard's Boys © FFG

The Bastard's Boys are men-at-arms of House Bolton, in service to Ramsay Bolton.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Ramsay Bolton hosts Arnolf Karstark and Hother Umber at the Dreadfort, the Bastard's Boys occupy the best seats near the dais.[2] They accompany Ramsay to the siege of Moat Cailin[3] and help him search for the missing Frey, Rhaegar, and Symond Frey near Barrowton.[4] Although Ramsay favors them, Lord Roose Bolton claims to Theon Greyjoy that they in fact report to him.[4]

The Bastard's Boys follow Ramsay around at Winterfell,[5] and they toss a freerider from the castle's battlements.[6]


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I know what he said. You’re to spy on me and keep his secrets. As if he had secrets. Sour Alyn, Luton, Skinner, and the rest, where does he think they came from? Can he truly believe they are his men?[4]

You he'll flay. Him and Skinner and Damon Dance-for-Me, they will make a game of it. You’ll be begging them to kill you.[7]

—"Reek" to "Abel"

One was brutal, the other mean, but both had spent most of their lives in service at the Dreadfort. They did as they were told.[7]

— thoughts of "Reek"

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