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Title King-Beyond-the-Wall
Culture Free folk

Joramun was a legendary King-Beyond-the-Wall. According to myth, in ancient days he blew the Horn of Winter and "woke the giants from the earth".[1][2]

Joramun brought down the Night's King alongside the King of Winter, Brandon the Breaker.[3][4]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Qhorin Halfhand lists Joramun among Kings-Beyond-the-Wall who either broke their strength on the Wall, or had their strength broken by the power of Winterfell on the far side.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

Jon Snow recalls that Mance Rayder had claimed to have found the Horn of Joramun in Joramun's grave beneath a glacier, high up in the Frostfangs.[5] However, according to Tormund, they had found the horn in the grave of a giant.[6]


New title King-Beyond-the-Wall Unknown
Next known title holder:
Gendel and Gorne