Joron I Blacktyde

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House Blacktyde.svg King
Joron I Blacktyde
House Blacktyde.svg
Full name Joron Blacktyde, First of His Name Since the Grey King
Title High King of the Iron Islands
Personal Information
Alias Maidensbane
Culture ironborn
Dynasty House Blacktyde
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Joron I Blacktyde was a High King of the Iron Islands from House Blacktyde. He was dubbed Maidensbane.[1]


Joron I captured Gyles II Gardener, King of the Reach, when their fleets clashed off the Misty Islands. After torturing him to death, Joron had Gyles's corpse cut to pieces and used them to bait his fishhooks with "a chunk of king".[1]

Later in his reign, Joron raided the Arbor and supposedly carried off every woman under thirty, earning the name "Maidensbane", by which he is best remembered.[1]


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