List of characters created for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying

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This page lists the characters that have been created for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, a roleplaying game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series by George R. R. Martin, who have no equivalent counterpart in the books.

Characters from A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying

House Orlych of Rimehall

  • Lord Brandon Orlych, Lord of Rimehall

Characters from Peril at King's Landing

House Dannett

  • Lord Alfric Dannett, a widower
    • Adham Dannett, his son
    • Iris Dannett, his daughter, now a prostitute in King's Landing
      • Ruben Piper, Iris's former betrothed

House Lugus

  • Lord Konrad Lugus
    • Lady Luisa Lugus, formerly of House Clegane
      • Ser Naton Lugus, their son and heir
        • Kitha, kitchen wench, and mother of one of Naton's bastards
        • Salia, Kitha's daughter, and mother of one of Naton's bastards
      • Orton Lugus, their second son
      • Liesa Lugus, their eldest daughter, Lady of House Broom
      • Marita Lugus, their second daughter, twice a widow
        • Langley Woods, Marita's new betrothed
        • Glarus Ptek, of Braavos, Marita's lover
      • Ludviga Lugus, their youngest daughter
  • Klaas Lugus, Konrad's older brother, mysteriously died after a minor injury

Characters from Wedding Knight

House Harte

  • Lord Gerard Harte
    • Lady Ella Harte, his wife
      • Sylvie Harte, their oldest daughter, betrothed to Kevan Manning
      • Eilene Harte, their younger daughter
    • Etan Hogg, household knight and ward of Lord Harte, and Sylvie's lover

House Manning

  • Lord Artur Manning, a widower
    • Kai Manning, his eldest son, died in battle
    • Ser Kevan Manning, his second son and heir, betrothed to Sylvie Harte
    • Darren Manning, his third son