Morden II Durrandon

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Morden II Durrandon

Biographical Information
Full Name Morden II Durrandon
Other Titles Storm King
Royal House House Durrandon
Successor Ronard Storm

King Morden II Durrandon was a Storm King of House Durrandon. During his reign the decline of House Durrandon turned back, thanks in part to Morden's baseborn half brother Ronard, whom he named as his castellan. A fearsome warrior, Ronard became ruler of the Stormlands in all but name and took Morden's sister to wife. Within five years, he had usurped kingship as well. Morden's own queen placed the crown on Ronard's head and, if songs are true, she shared his bed as well. In the meantime, Morden, deemed harmless, was confined to a cell in the tower.[1]

References and Notes

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