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The Pattern is a religion worshipped in Essos. The Patternmaker's Maze is in Braavos, and the priests of the Pattern claim that only those who learn to walk the labyrinth properly will find wisdom.[1] It is unknown if there are similar mazes in other cities or if there is a connection with the mazemakers of Lorath.

Gyldayn claims that the Pattern is worshipped in Tyrosh, alongside R'hllor, Trios, and other gods.[2]

Behind the Scenes

The Pattern may be a reference by George R. R. Martin to The Pattern in the works of Roger Zelazny. House Rogers and Qarl Correy may also be inspired by Zelazny. Similarly, there is also the concept of the Great Pattern in The Wheel of Time, which has received references in the series in the form of House Jordayne and Archmaester Rigney.


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