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Serra Locket.png
Silver locket with miniature portrait of Serra

Culture Lysene
Died Pentos
Spouse Illyrio Mopatis
Book A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Serra was the second wife of Illyrio Mopatis.[1]


Serra had big blue eyes, and pale golden hair streaked with silver.[1]


Illyrio found Serra in a Lysene pillow house, and enjoyed her so much, he brought her home as one of his bedwarmers. He grew to care for her and eventually married her, upsetting the cousin of his first wife, the Prince of Pentos, who closed the palace to him forever. Still, this bothered Illyrio not at all, for he was happy with Serra.[1]

However, the Braavosi trading galley, Treasure, stopped over in Pentos and brought the grey plague with it. Even though they killed every crew member who tried to leave the ship, the rats aboard came ashore and brought the plague with them. Of the two thousand who died from the plague, Serra was among them. After her death, Illyrio kept her stone hands in his bedchamber, and also kept a silver locket with a painting of her inside.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

As they travel through Andalos, Illyrio tells Tyrion Lannister of his second wife and of her death from grey plague. He shows him the locket with Serra's picture.[1]

Illyrio tells Rolly Duckfield that he is sorry he cannot attend Young Griff's wedding, but he swears by Serra's hands that he will rejoin them in Westeros.[2]