A Clash of Kings-Chapter 67

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Tyrion XV
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Tyrion Lannister
Place King's Landing
Page 681 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Tyrion XIV
Theon VI  ← Tyrion XV →  Jon VIII

A Storm of Swords
Tyrion I


Tyrion lies abed dreaming of the men who died fighting alongside him in the battle, as well as those he killed. He dreams of Tysha as well, and when he awakens, realizes that he is not at the Tower of the Hand, and the maester hovering over him is one he does not recognize. Unable to speak, the maester gives him milk of the poppy. Later, when the maester returns, Tyrion knocks the poppy from his hands and demands the cast be removed from his face. Maester Ballabar keeps mumbling about the Queen’s orders, but Tyrion will not listen. He demands wine not poppy, and looks upon his destroyed face in a mirror. Three-quarters of his nose is gone along with part of his lip, and the stitching job was sloppy. Tyrion sends the maester away and asks for Podrick Payne. The boy arrives, and Tyrion swears him to silence about what occurred at the docks with Ser Mandon Moore. He tells Pod to bring Maester Frenken, for he does not trust this new maester.

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