A Feast for Crows-Chapter 37

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Brienne VII
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Brienne of Tarth
Place Saltpans - inn at the crossroads
Page 460 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Brienne VI
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Brienne VIII


Approaching the inn at the crossroads, Brienne's party encounters many corpses hanging from trees, each with a chunk of rock salt in their mouths. They surmise that these were some of the men responsible for the raid on Saltpans, probably hanged by Lord Beric's outlaw band. Reaching the inn, they meet four girls on the porch, and the oldest addresses them. She asks for silver for a night's lodging, stating the only visitors they get are either sparrows or robbers and worse. When Ser Hyle makes an inquiry regarding her tone, the smith approaches and Brienne is nearly floored by his resemblance to Renly. Inside, Brienne plans to leave before dawn with Podrick only, although she is unsure where to go. At dinner, Septon Meribald leads a prayer, but Gendry does not participate and returns to his forge. One of the orphan boys tells the septon that it is because he worships the Lord of Light. Brienne delivers some food to Gendry and mentions his resemblance to King Robert, but they are interrupted by riders drawing near.

Gendry says they are friends, but when Brienne peeks out, she recognizes Biter among the seven men. The leader, wearing the helm of Sandor Clegane, threatens to kill Willow if she fires her crossbow. Brienne draws Oathkeeper and intercedes. One of the men says that they are wounded and seek only fresh horses, for they are being chased by outlaws. But the large man wearing the Hound's helm charges Brienne, remembering her well. She makes short work of him, running him through with Oathkeeper, and she whispers "Sapphires" as Rorge dies. But she is blindsided by Biter, who tackles her to the ground. The huge cannibal smashes her in the face, breaking bones, and then shatters her forearm. She hears the sounds of swords clashing in the background, but then Biter takes a bite out of her face. Her last vision is Biter's tongue sticking out, obscenely long, almost like it were a sword...

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