A Feast for Crows-Chapter 31

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Brienne VI
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Brienne of Tarth
Place the Quiet Isle
Page 460 UK HC (Other versions)
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Brienne VII


Upon reaching the Quiet Isle, Brienne and her companions are taken up the path to see the Elder Brother. Brienne mentions to the brother guiding them that she is heading for Saltpans to kill the Hound. This takes the man aback, but he tells them to speak to their elder. They see a huge horse in their stables, obviously a war horse, who has mauled two of the brothers. On a hill, they pass a huge cloaked novice digging graves. The man appears lame, but they cannot see his face.

The Elder Brother speaks further of the horrible raid on Saltpans, made worse by the fact that Ser Quincy Cox hid behind his castle walls and did nothing to help the villagers.

After dinner, the Elder Brother speaks in private with Brienne. He asks what she seeks in Saltpans, and when she mentions a highborn girl, the elder knows she refers to Sansa. He lets on that it is the wrong Stark she seeks, for the Hound captured Arya. Shocked that both of Lady Catelyn's daughters may yet be alive, she is equally surprised when he informs her that Sandor Clegane is dead. The Elder Brother has buried his corpse himself, and left the hound's-head helm on the grave. It was some other outlaw who found and wore it when they raided Saltpans.

Brienne of Tarth and the Elder Brother discuss Brienne's mission- by Pojypojy ©

He goes on to tell her that he took pity on Sandor before he died, and will only say that "he is at rest" when she asks if he is truly dead. The elder remarks that the horse in their stables was the Hound's, Stranger.

The Elder Brother then tells her that he was once a knight who fought for Prince Rhaegar at the Trident. He took several terrible wounds in the battle and fell into the river, yet awoke upon the shores of the Quiet Isle. He urges her not to be another casualty of this war, and return home. Brienne breaks down and cries, telling him her story, finishing with, "I have to try to save her... or die in the attempt."

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