A Feast for Crows-Chapter 30

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Jaime IV
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Jaime Lannister
Place Darry
Page 445 UK HC (Other versions)
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Jaime's small host reaches Castle Darry, and he finds himself contemplating the genius of his uncle Kevan for his choice of a bride for Lancel, Amerei Frey, whose mother is a Darry.

He has dispatched Red Ronnet to accompany Wylis Manderly to Maidenpool, but nevertheless he has too many men to be fed at his cousin's new castle. Jaime takes note of all the armed Freys and "sparrows" in the castle, far outnumbering Lannister men. Darry's maester greets Ser Jaime, surprised by this unexpected visit, and tells him that Kevan departed right after the wedding, and that Lancel is praying in the sept. The maester provides him with Lancel's own room, since Jaime's cousin has taken to sleeping in the sept. As Jaime bathes before the guest feast, he notices that Josmyn Peckledon, his new squire, wishes to bed Pia. Jaime tells him to use Lancel's room for his first bedding, saying, "You'll feel a lord yourself when you're done, if Pia knows her business." But Jaime warns him to treat her kindly, perhaps due to his own guilt for refusing the girl when Qyburn sent her during his recuperation at Harrenhal.

At the feast, Jaime learns that his cousin has been fasting since the old High Septon died. Lancel also does not join them for dinner. Lady Amerei begs Jaime to stay and help them defeat Lord Beric Dondarrion, the Hound, and the other outlaws. He learns that the outlaws seem to be following a woman now, cloaked and hooded, and no one has seen Beric Dondarrion for a while. Jaime's companion Strongboar claims to be moved by Ami's words, and promises to return after they take Riverrun to sort out the Hound. Jaime leaves the table and goes to the sept. Three armed sparrows bar his path, but Lancel lets him in.

Lancel admits that his father left after they quarrelled, and that he does not intend to consummate his marriage. And then he admits his greatest sins: serving the wine that resulted in King Robert's death, and that he had been sleeping with Cersei.

Lancel states that he plans to forsake his title as Lord of Darry, and head to King's Landing to swear vows as a Warrior's Son. When Jaime learns that Cersei has rearmed the faith, he is almost as upset by this as he is to discover that Tyrion was not lying about Cersei's infidelity. Later, in the yard, Jaime admits to Ser Ilyn that he slept with Cersei when she was at Castle Darry with Robert. Cersei wanted him to get Arya Stark and he would have killed her had he found her first.

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