A Storm of Swords-Chapter 47

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Arya IX
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Arya
Place Lord Harroway's Town
Page 537 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Samwell III  ← Arya IX →  Jon VI

Arya X


Arya attempts to kill the Hound at night while the man is asleep, but he awakens and takes the rock from her hands. They reach Lord Harroway's Town, but find it flooded. Sandor promises to pay some ferrymen to take them across the Trident, but gives them only the parchment Lord Beric had given him promising reimbursement after the war. Arya tells Sandor that she had once been captured by his brother, and the Hound finds it amusing that Gregor never knew who he had caught. Clegane says, "I’ll be sure and tell him that, before I cut his heart out." She asks why he would kill his brother and the Hound asks didn't she ever want to kill a brother or sister? He realizes from Arya’s expression that the "wolf bitch" hates the "pretty bird"--Arya and her sister don't get along. Sandor admits that maybe he is a monster for killing so many but also tells her that he saved Sansa’s life when the mob tried to kill her. The Hound informs her that he is taking her to the Twins, and will ransom her to Robb and perhaps join the Young Wolf’s service, because "even a dog gets tired of being kicked."

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