Lord Harroway's Town

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The riverlands and the location of Lord Harroway's Town
The riverlands and the location of Lord Harroway's Town
The riverlands and the location of Lord Harroway's Town

Lord Harroway's Town, called Harroway town[1] or Harroway[1] for short, is a town in the riverlands that sits along the Trident, upriver of the ruby ford.[2] It is the seat of House Roote but is named after extinct House Harroway.[3]


Harroway has a seven-sided sept, a two-story inn, and a stone roundtower.[1] A wide, flat-bottomed boat at the ferry has a dozen oarlocks, a wooden house on its deck, and is decorated with two carved horse heads.


The river kings of old refused charters which would have allowed towns like Fairmarket, Saltpans, and Harroway to expand and potentially become cities.[4]

After the extinction of House Harroway, King Maegor I Targaryen decreed that the strongest of his knights could win Harrenhal. Ser Walton Towers was the victor of twenty-three household knights who fought in the streets of Harroway for the honor.[3] However, Lord Harroway's Town was given to Lord Alton Butterwell.[5]

Harroway was in the possession of House Roote by the start of the Dance of the Dragons,[6] but the town was burned by Vhagar during the civil war.[7]

Before the river moved some seventy to eighty years before the War of the Five Kings, one could take a ferry across the Trident from the inn at the crossroads to the road that led to Lord Harroway's Town and Whitewalls.[8]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane find Lord Harroway's Town flooded when the Trident overflows its banks. They ferry across aboard the two-headed horse boat, but the Hound refuses to pay the ferrymen golden dragons.[1]

A Feast for Crows

After stopping at the inn at the crossroads with Brienne of Tarth, Septon Meribald intends to travel on to Nutten, Riverbend, and Lord Harroway's Town.[8]


Harroway town shouldn't be far. Where Lord Roote stables Old King Andahar's two-headed water horse.[1]

Chapters that take place at Lord Harroway's Town


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