Raventree Hall

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Raventree Hall
Raventree Hall. © FFG
Illustrated by Yoann Boissonnet. © Fantasy Flight Games.
Location Westeros, Riverlands
Government House Blackwood , Feudal lord.
Religion Old gods
Founded Age of Heroes
The riverlands and the location of Raventree Hall
The riverlands and the location of Raventree Hall
Raventree Hall
The riverlands and the location of Raventree Hall[1]
The godswood of Raventree Hall, with its enormous weirwood and hundreds of ravens - by Elena María Vacas

Raventree Hall is the seat of House Blackwood in Blackwood Vale in the riverlands. The castle is located north of Riverrun, southwest of Oldstones, and west of Fairmarket. Ironman's Bay is to the northwest.[1][2]


Raventree has high, ancient stone walls with moss climbing up them. There are two huge, square towers flanking the gate and a square tower at each angle in the wall. It is also defended by a deep moat lined with stone. Inside the walls there is a muddy outer ward, a cavernous timber keep, and a godswood.

Lord Blackwood's solar is large and airy, with great beams of dark oak. Wool tapestries adorn its walls, while latticework doors with panes of diamond-shaped yellow glass overlook the godswood.[3]

The castle's godswood contains a dead, ancient weirwood of colossal size. Every evening at dusk hundreds of ravens come and roost all night on the dead weirwood as they have for thousands of years.[3]


The Blackwoods made Raventree their seat in the riverlands after they were driven from the wolfswood by the Kings of Winter.[4]

The Blackwoods claim that Raventree's great weirwood was poisoned by the Brackens.[3]

The Storm King Arlan III Durrandon married a daughter of Lord Roderick Blackwood beneath Raventree's weirwood. When Roderick rebelled against House Teague, Arlan relieved King Humfrey I Teague's ensuing siege of the castle.[5]

In 138 AC the bones of Addam Velaryon were returned to Driftmark from Raventree.[6]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

During the War of the Five Kings, the stronghold is taken by House Lannister due to the absence of Lord Tytos Blackwood, who is at Riverrun.[7]

A Storm of Swords

At some point, the northern army gains control of Raventree Hall. Ser Garth Greenfield is held captive in the castle.[8]

A Feast for Crows

Raventree is besieged by Lord Jonos Bracken after the Red Wedding. Lord Karyl Vance implores Ser Jaime Lannister to intervene, knowing that Lord Blackwood would never surrender to Lord Bracken.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

In the wake of the Red Wedding and the submissions of Riverrun and Seagard, Raventree Hall is the last castle in the riverlands refusing to declare for King Tommen I Baratheon. Jaime Lannister goes to Raventree and negotiates the surrender of Lord Tytos, taking his son Hoster as a hostage to ensure good behavior.[3] Tytos intends to have the bones of Lucas Blackwood, a son who was killed at the Red Wedding, buried beneath Raventree's great weirwood.[3]

Chapters that take place at Raventree Hall