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Alyn Velaryon
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Alias Alyn of Hull[1]
Alyn Oakenfist[3]
Lord Oakenfist[4]
Hero of the Stepstones[5]
Title Ser
Lord of the Tides
Master of Driftmark
Master of ships
Captain of Queen Rhaenys
Captain of Lady Baela
Captain of Bold Marilda
Allegiance House Velaryon
House Targaryen
Race Valyrian
Culture Crownlands
Born In 115 AC[1], at Hull, Driftmark
Died In or between 171 AC and 176 AC[6], at sea
Spouse Lady Baela Targaryen
Issue Laena Velaryon
Jon Waters
Jeyne Waters
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Alyn Velaryon, born Alyn of Hull and later called Alyn Oakenfist, was Lord of the Tides, Master of Driftmark and head of House Velaryon. Alyn was a legitimised bastard of dragonseed descent, coming from Hull on the island of Driftmark. His brother was Ser Addam Velaryon, a dragonrider.[1]

An admiral during the reigns of Aegon III Targaryen and Daeron I Targaryen, Alyn participated in the Dance of the Dragons, the Daughters' War, and the conquest of Dorne. His life is recounted in Six Times to Sea: Being an Account of the Great Voyages of Alyn Oakenfist, as well as in Hard as Oak and Bastard Born.[5]

Appearance and Character

Alyn and his brother Addam had silver hair and purple eyes. They were small and quick like their mother, Marilda of Hull.[1] After his failed attempt to tame the dragon Sheepstealer, Alyn carried scars from the dragonflame on his back and legs for the rest of his life.[1]

Bold[7] Alyn was considered proud and headstrong and at times insolent.[8] He was not a good haggler.[5]


Early life

According to Archmaester Gyldayn, Alyn's origins remain a matter of dispute among historians to this day.[1] His mother, Marilda of Hull, claimed he and his brother Addam were fathered by Ser Laenor Velaryon—a fact that many found remarkable due to Laenor's known sexual preference for men. The court fool Mushroom claimed they were fathered by Laenor's father, Lord Corlys Velaryon, but kept unacknowledged and far from court in order to not offend Corlys's fiery-tempered wife, Rhaenys Targaryen.[9]

Addam and Alyn grew up in the shipyard of Marilda's father, and the boys served on her trading cog, Mouse.[1]

The Dance of the Dragons

When it was decided by Prince Jacaerys Velaryon during the Dance of the Dragons that the blacks needed more dragonriders, many men on Dragonstone attempted to ride dragons, including dragonseeds such as Addam of Hull and his younger brother Alyn. Addam managed to win Laenor Velaryon's old dragon Seasmoke, and Alyn sought the wild dragon Grey Ghost but could not find him. He then attempted to tame the wild dragon Sheepstealer. When he entered his lair, the dragon set fire to his cloak. His brother Addam used his own cloak to beat out the flames, while Seasmoke drove off Sheepstealer. While Alyn was burned and scarred by the experience, he counted himself fortunate to have lived, as other dragonseed and seekers who had aspired to ride Sheepstealer ended being eaten by him instead.[1]

Not long after Addam had proven himself by flying Seasmoke, Lord Corlys Velaryon petitioned Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen to remove the taint of bastardy from him and Alyn. The queen complied, and legitimized the brothers. Addam Velaryon was named heir to Driftmark.[1]

After the treachery of the Two Betrayers, many voices in the black council questioned Addam's loyalty. Only Lord Corlys spoke in defense of the dragonseed, remarking that Addam and his brother Alyn were "true Velaryons", worthy of Driftmark. After Addam fled Rhaenyra's arrest order, the queen imprisoned Corlys in the black cells.[10] Addam later fought and died in the Second Battle of Tumbleton, proving his loyalty.[11]

King Aegon II Targaryen fed Rhaenyra to Sunfyre during the fall of Dragonstone.[11] The fifteen-year-old Alyn commanded the Velaryon ships which prevented the king from returning to King's Landing, however. While Alyn was gathering a fleet to attack Dragonstone, Queen Alicent Hightower came to an accord with Lord Corlys Velaryon. Alyn transported Aegon II back to the capital on Marilda's old cog, Mouse.[12] In 131 AC Alyn's ships were Aegon's only defense at the Gullet against Braavosi ships transporting Valemen toward King's Landing, and armies of rivermen and northmen were also marching against the king. Aegon II refused Corlys's advice to abdicate, and the king was soon after found dead from poison.[12]

After a short siege, the servants of Dragonstone overwhelmed Aegon II's men and surrendered the castle to Alyn. During the Hour of the Wolf, Lord Cregan Stark, who briefly served as Hand of the King, was convinced by Alysanne Blackwood to spare Corlys's life. Septon Eustace suggests Cregan was concerned about provoking Alyn and the Velaryon ships.[13] Alyn attended Aegon III Targaryen's coronation and the new king's wedding to Jaehaera Targaryen.[7]

Lord of the Tides

Alyn became Lord of the Tides after the death of Lord Corlys Velaryon in 132 AC. Alyn and his mother, Marilda of Hull, transported Corlys's body to Driftmark on Mermaid's Kiss, then buried Corlys at sea aboard Sea Snake. Daemion and Daeron Velaryon advanced their own claims to Driftmark, but the brothers reconciled with Alyn after Aegon's regents ruled against them. Ser Malentine and Ser Rhogar Velaryon attempted to assassinate Alyn at Castle Driftmark, but the former was killed in the attempt and the latter choose to take the black.[7]

Alyn attempted to join the regents, but Ser Tyland Lannister, Hand of the King, instead selected Lord Unwin Peake to replace Corlys.[7] Alyn wed Lady Baela Targaryen at Dragonstone in 132 AC.[7]

Daughters' War

After the passing of Ser Tyland Lannister in 133 AC, King Aegon III Targaryen named Alyn as his lord admiral. Against the wishes of the king, Lord Unwin Peake became the new Hand of the King. Since the narrow sea was thrown into turmoil because of the Daughters' War, Unwin desired a Westerosi presence on Bloodstone. Rather than Lord Alyn, Unwin named his uncle, Ser Gedmund Peake, as the commander of the rebuilt royal fleet, with Ned Bean as his second. Unwin ordered Alyn to aid the inexperienced Gedmund in his attack against the Stepstones. Alyn's flagship in the campaign was Queen Rhaenys.[8]

Lord Alyn's attack against the Braavosi in the Stepstones earned him great fame and reputation. Known as Oakenfist and the Hero of the Stepstones,[5] Alyn won honors and rewards from the regents despite Lord Peake's protests. Alyn received knighthood from Ser Marston Waters, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and was named master of ships by the king.[8]

The First Voyage

Unwin sent Alyn to deal with the Red Kraken, Dalton Greyjoy, hoping he would be slain in the process. The expedition to the westerlands in 133 AC instead became the first of Alyn's six great voyages,[3] all on different ships.[8]

Sailing into Bloodstone aboard Lady Baela, Alyn spent a fortnight with Racallio Ryndoon. A contradictory man, Racallio alternately treated the Oakenfist as first a friend and then an enemy. On one occasion the pirate king forced Alyn to wrestle him in a mud pit. After being accused of spying for the Archon of Tyrosh, Alyn was forced to kill three Tyroshi prisoners and thereby prove his innocence. An overjoyed Racallio sent two of his wives to Alyn's chamber, but it is unknown if Alyn slept with the women. Racallio eventually allowed Alyn's fleet to continue past the Stepstones.[5]

Alyn gained the favor of Aliandra Martell, Princess of Dorne, when he stopped at Sunspear, with Bastard Born claiming Alyn slept with the young woman.[5] Alyn befriended Lord Lyonel Hightower and Samantha Tarly at Oldtown, where he also visited the Citadel and was blessed by the High Septon at the Starry Sept.[5]

By the time Alyn reached the westerlands, Dalton had been assassinated by Tess. Lady Johanna Lannister presented Alyn with a golden seahorse. Alyn left a third of his fleet with Ser Leo Costayne to help protect the westermen, then stopped again at Oldtown during his return voyage. Once at Sunspear, Alyn learned from Drazenko Rogare that Prince Viserys Targaryen, the younger brother of King Aegon III, had survived the Dance of the Dragons and was in the captivity of House Rogare of Lys. The Oakenfist sailed to the Free City and negotiated with Lysandro Rogare for the prince's return.

Baela Targaryen presented Alyn with his daughter Laena when Lady Baela returned to King's Landing in 134 AC. Alyn was widely praised for having rescued Prince Viserys, although Lord Peake disapproved of the large ransom of one hundred thousand golden dragons. Aegon's regents, however, granted new honors to Alyn. Unwin resigned and was replaced as Hand by Lord Thaddeus Rowan.[5] Alyn returned to Driftmark with his young family.[14]

War in the Vale

After the death of Lady Jeyne Arryn, the Iron Throne supported her preferred heir, Ser Joffrey Arryn, against the claims of Ser Arnold Arryn and Isembard Arryn. After the death of Ser Corwyn Corbray at Runestone, Lord Thaddeus Rowan sent two armies to the Vale of Arryn to end the rebellion. While Ser Robert Rowan took the high road, Alyn transported Moredo Rogare's men by sea. Alyn's ships defeated Isembard's sellsails at Gulltown, but the loyalists lost hundreds of men during the capture of the city.[14]

When the Lysene Spring ended with the fall of the Rogares, Moredo surrendered his command to Alyn and sailed for Braavos. Alyn and Lord Benjicot Blackwood eventually secured the Vale for Joffrey. During the gathering of nobles at King's Landing in 136 AC, Alyn suggested that Isembard become master of coin.[14]

Later Life

The Velaryons had lost much of their wealth to the Rogare Bank, so Alyn assembled a fleet of merchantmen and war galleys led by Bold Marilda for a trading expedition to Volantis in 136 AC. His pregnant wife Baela was initially angered by Alyn again leaving Driftmark.[14]

The Oakenfist achieved great acclaim battling pirates from the Stepstones and the narrow sea.[15] When Addam Velaryon's bones were returned to Driftmark from Raventree by Lord Blackwood in 138 AC, Alyn used only a single word, "LOYAL", as the epitaph on his brother's new tomb.[9]

In 157 AC, Alyn took a decisive part in King Daeron I Targaryen's conquest of Dorne as master of ships.[16] He commanded a fleet that broke the Planky Town, and swept halfway up the Greenblood river while the main Dornish strength was engaged with Daeron in the Prince's Pass.[2] Alyn returned to subdue the Planky Town and the Greenblood in 160 AC after the Dornishmen rebelled, but the Young Dragon Daeron was slain the following year while under a peace banner. His successor, King Baelor I Targaryen, made peace with the Dornish.[16]

Ser Russell Stillman squired for and was knighted by Alyn. Rue may have been one of the Oakenfist's paramours.[5]

Alyn had an unknown number of children with his wife, Lady Baela Targaryen.[17] Although he was married, he loved the Princess Elaena Targaryen,[18] and would have two bastards by her, the twins Jon and Jeyne Waters.[19] Alyn disappeared at sea circa 175 AC.[6] A year after his disappearance, Elaena, who had hoped to marry him, agreed to wed another.[19]

Quotes by Alyn

They are my fleets now, and Baela's monkey is more suited to command them than Nuncle Gedmund.[8]

—Alyn regarding the royal fleet

Quotes about Alyn

Lord Alyn was an insolent boy and did not love his king.[12]

—writings of Mushroom

You fool, you thrice-damned fool. If I dared, I would have your bloody head off.[8]

I want sons as brave and strong as you.[5]

Racallio Ryndoon to Alyn



Rhaenyra Targaryen
Marilda of Hull
Aegon III Targaryen
Rhaena Targaryen
Baela Targaryen
Jon Waters
Jeyne Waters


of Hull
3 sons
Aegon III


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