Racallio Ryndoon

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Racallio Ryndoon
Allegiance Kingdom of the Three Daughters
Culture Tyroshi
Book(s) The Rogue Prince (Mentioned)

Racallio Ryndoon was a devious Tyroshi captain.


In 109 AC, all but two of the Stepstones had been conquered by Prince Daemon Targaryen and his army of sellswords, second sons, and cutthroats, Prince Daemon having slain Craghas Drahar, the previous commander of the Triarchy's forces. The next year, Racallio led the Triarchy's fresh invasion force against Daemon alongside their new Dornish allies.

Later, after the collapse of the Triarchy, Ryndoon carved a pirate kingdom for himself in the Stepstones.[1]

Quotes about Racallio

...surely one of the most curious and flamboyant rogues in the annals of history...[2]

- Archmaester Gyldayn

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