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Bloodstone is one of the islands that make up the Stepstones. It is the largest of the islands, lying the furthest to the northwest and north of Grey Gallows.[1]


Bloodstone was the seat of Daemon Targaryen when he was the self-declared King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea amid the war for the Stepstones.[2]

Racallio Ryndoon controlled a pirate kingdom from a sprawling wooden fortress on Bloodstone during the Daughters' War.[3] Lord Unwin Peake, Hand of the King, sent Ser Gedmund Peake and Lord Alyn Velaryon to establish a Westerosi presence on Bloodstone. While Racallion was hosting many Braavosi and Tyroshi captains and envoys at Bloodstone, the Braavosi fleet in the Stepstones was defeated in Lord Alyn's attack. Alyn lacked the men to conquer Bloodstone from Racallio, however.[4]

When Unwin tasked Lord Velaryon with sailing to the Sunset Sea to confront Lord Dalton Greyjoy, Alyn Oakenfist sailed into Bloodstone under a parley banner, as the Stepstones lay between the narrow sea and the Summer Sea. Racallio eventually allowed the Velaryons to pass the Stepstones and continue west.[3]

Ser Jason Lannister died on Bloodstone in 260 AC during the War of the Ninepenny Kings.[5]


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