Gedmund Peake

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Gedmund Peake
House Peake.PNG
Alias Gedmund Great-Axe
Gedmund Green-Sick
Title Ser
Commander of the royal fleet
Master of ships
Allegiance House Peake
Culture Reach
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Ser Gedmund Peake, called Gedmund Great-Axe, was a knight from House Peake who became commander of the royal fleet and later master of ships during the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen.[1]


Gedmund Great-Axe had prowess as a warrior but little experience with ships.[1]


When Lord Unwin Peake became Hand of the King, he made his uncle Gedmund commander of the royal fleet with the more experienced Ned Bean as his second-in-command. Gedmund and Ned were sent against Racallio Ryndoon, the self-proclaimed King of the Narrow Sea. During the voyage, the commander became so seasick that sailors called him "Gedmund Green-Sick". When Racallio allied with Tyrosh, Ser Gedmund remained at Tarth to await further instructions from Unwin. Lord Alyn Velaryon protested they would lose time, however, and left Gedmund behind to defeat Racallio.[1]

Ser Gedmund remained in his post after his nephew resigned as Hand. After the attempted coup against the Rogare family and the King's Hand, Lord Thaddeus Rowan, Gedmund was made master of ships to appease the supporters of Lord Peake.[2][3]


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