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Corwyn Corbray
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Title Ser[1]
Lord Regent[1]
Allegiance House Corbray
Culture Valemen
Born In 100 AC[2]
Died In 134 AC[3], at Runestone[3]
Father Lord House Corbray
Spouse 1st:Unknown[4]
2nd: Princess Rhaena Targaryen[4]
Issue 2 daughters[4]
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)
For the Lord of the Five Fingers, see Corwyn Corbray (lord).

Ser Corwyn Corbray was a knight from House Corbray during the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons and the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen.[4] During the regency, Corwyn became one of King Aegon III's regents, whilst his older brother, Lord Leowyn, was the Protector of the Realm.[4]


Corwyn had a great reputation as a warrior, so much so that his father gave him the ancient Valyrian steel sword of House Corbray, Lady Forlorn.[4]


Ser Corwyn was the younger brother of Lord Leowyn Corbray, the Lord of Heart's Home. He was married and widowed, and had two daughters from his first marriage. At the Eyrie, he met Rhaena Targaryen, a ward of Lady Jeyne Arryn, growing close to the Targaryen princess.[4]

In 130 AC, Lady Arryn gave Ser Corwyn and Lord Leowyn command of her army of ten thousand men sent forth from Gulltown.[5]

After the death of King Aegon II Targaryen in 131 AC, the Braavosi landed Ser Corwyn at Maidenpool with half the power Lady Arryn had sent down, the other half under the command of Lord Leowyn at Duskendale. This may be an error, as Archmaester Gyldayn later refers to Lord Leowyn leaving Maidenpool, and Ser Corwyn leaving Duskendale.[6]

The town welcomed the Arryn hosts with feasts and flowers. Soon after Lord Cregan Stark's hold over court had begun, word arrived that Ser Corwyn had left Duskendale accompanied by Clement Celtigar and the widowed Lady Staunton.[6] When Ser Corwyn and Lord Leowyn arrived at King's Landing, they joined the ruling council and added their voices to those of Lady Arryn and the Lads. This contributed to power beginning to slip from Lord Stark's hands.[6]

In 132 AC, Baela Targaryen defied the will of the council of regents of being betrothed to Lord Thaddeus Rowan, instead marrying Lord Alyn Velaryon. Because of this defiance, the council thought Baela could no longer be considered a potential heir the Iron Throne, and planned to marry off her younger twin, Rhaena, immediately. Rhaena was asked if she had a favorite among suitors, and she confessed to being "especially fond" of Ser Corwyn. Though Ser Corwyn was a second son, House Corbray was old and prestigious, and his brother had been made Protector of the Realm, and thus the council agreed to Rhaena's wish. The two were hastily betrothed, with a wedding a fortnight later, in case Baela was already with child by Alyn.[4]

In the latter half of 133 AC, Rhaena announced she was with child by Ser Corwyn, but suffered a miscarriage a month later.[7]

In 133 AC, Ser Corwyn brought Daenaera Velaryon forward at the Maiden's Day Cattle Show when Baela and Rhaena put her forward as a potential second wife for the king. He did indeed marry Daenaera.[7]

In 134 AC, Ser Corwyn descended from the castle to meet the Lady Baela at the docks, where the presumed dead Prince Viserys was returned to the Red Keep from his time in Lys.[8]

In 134 AC Ser Corwyn was made one of the seven regents after the death of Lord Manfryd Mooton, who had never fully recovered from the Winter Fever.[3] Lady Arryn also died this year, with a succession dispute breaking out on her death between three claimants: her chosen heir, Ser Joffrey Arryn, a closer cousin, Ser Arnold Arryn, and Isembard Arryn, head of House Arryn of Gulltown. Lord Rowan sent a thousand men to Gulltown under Corwyn's command to restore the King's Peace and settle the matter of succession.[3]

Ser Corwyn ruled that Lady Jeyne's last testament must be upheld. He imprisoned Isembard Arryn and his sons, and executed Ser Eldric Arryn, Ser Arnold's son, but Ser Arnold himself evaded him, fleeing to Runestone. When he arrived to winkle him out of his sanctuary, Lord Gunthor Royce rode out to confront him. Ser Corwyn drew Lady Forlorn, and a crossbowman on Runestone's battlements loosed a quarrel and pierced him through the breast, killing him.[3]


Lord Corbray
first wife
2 Daughters


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