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large port town
DuskendaleMichael Komarck.jpg
Duskendale. Art by Michael Komarck.
Location Westeros, crownlands, Blackwater Bay
Government House Rykker , feudal lord.
Religion Faith of the Seven
Notable places Dun Fort, Seven Swords
The crownlands and the location of Duskendale
The crownlands and the location of Duskendale
The crownlands and the location of Duskendale

Duskendale is a large port town off the coast of Blackwater Bay. It is located northeast of King's Landing and Rosby in the crownlands. Formerly ruled by the Darklyns, it is now the seat of House Rykker.


The town spreads out around the harbor and has cobbled streets. The gatehouse opens to a market square. The castle of House Rykker that overlooks the port is the Dun Fort, a squat square stone castle with big drum towers.[1] Duskendale is surrounded by strong walls[2] which shimmer palely in predawn.[1] Guardsmen wield spears and wear chain mail hauberks.[1] The largest inn in Duskendale is the Seven Swords, across from which lives a skilled painter, the sister of the captain of the gatehouse.[1] Duskendale contains multiple septs.[1]

South of the town is a rocky headland that shelters the harbor from the storms of the narrow sea and north of it rise chalk cliffs. A road runs beside the shore between the grey-green sea and low limestone hills. Fishing villages dot the road for miles.[1] The Rosby road connects King's Landing to Duskendale.[3]


Hundred Kingdoms

During the Hundred Kingdoms[4] the ancient Dun Fort of Duskendale was the seat of petty kings of the First Men from House Darklyn.[1] They sometimes claimed the mouth of the Blackwater Rush[5] and Crackclaw Point,[6] but were unable to consolidate control.

At times the town swore allegiance to House Durrandon, the Storm Kings from Storm's End.[7] For instance, Monfryd I Durrandon seized Duskendale and Maidenpool after defeating petty Darklyn and Mooton kings.[8]

During the Andal invasion, the Darklyn king at Duskendale forced Togarion Bar Emmon to abandon the northern Blackwater for Massey's Hook.[9] Benedict II Justman, King of the Trident, added Duskendale to his Andal realm, but House Justman was eventually extinguished by the ironborn.[10]

The Storm King Arlan III Durrandon conquered the entirety of the riverlands during his reign.[7] A few generations before the Wars of Conquest, Halleck Hoare, King of the Isles and the Rivers, extended the domain of House Hoare east to Duskendale and Rosby.[5]


At the start of Aegon's Conquest, Lords Darklyn and Mooton were slain battling Aegon the Conqueror, who was atop Balerion, and Orys Baratheon. When Lord Darklyn's son surrendered Duskendale, Visenya Targaryen took much of the town's wealth but left it undamaged.[5] Duskendale became part of the new crownlands sworn House Targaryen, the kings controlling the Iron Throne, and King's Landing began to surpass the older town during the reign of Aegon I.[11]

In 129 AC, King Aegon II Targaryen's forces easily sacked Duskendale, burned the harbor, and beheaded the Darklyn who was lord at the time. This marked the start of the greens' offensive in the Dance of the Dragons. Later in the civil war, Lady Meredyth Darklyn was convinced by Ser Harrold Darke to briefly let Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen stay within Duskendale.[12]

During the Defiance of Duskendale in 277 AC, King Aerys II was held captive within Duskendale by Lord Denys Darklyn, who hoped to win more autonomy for the town.[4] After Ser Barristan Selmy managed to rescue the king, House Darklyn was destroyed by King Aerys and Lord Tywin Lannister, and Duskendale and its lands and incomes were give to House Rykker.[1] Even with the Darklyns gone, many of their kin remain in Duskendale, with names such as Darke, Darkwood, or Dargood. Ser Dontos the Red, last of House Hollard, left Duskendale while a boy.[1]

Ser Balman Byrch supposedly rode well in a tourney at Duskendale around 294 AC.[13]

Addam of Duskendale was a merchant from the town who traveled in eastern Essos.[14]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

During the War of the Five Kings, Duskendale is marched upon by northern infantry under the command of Robett Glover, Ser Helman Tallhart, and Harrion Karstark. They are met and defeated by Lord Randyll Tarly and Ser Gregor Clegane in a battle at Duskendale, however. Robett is eventually exchanged for Martyn Lannister and sails north from Duskendale.[15][16]

A Feast for Crows

Lord Tarly's casualties are buried as heroes in Duskendale's septs, while northern casualties are buried in a mass grave north of the town.[1] With King's Landing recovering from the Battle of the Blackwater, the port of Duskendale is busier than ever. The Rosby road is safe until Duskendale, but the woods beyond are dangerous with outlaws and broken men.[3]

Brienne of Tarth visits the town in her search for Sansa Stark. She stays at the Seven Swords, visits the Dun Fort, and has her shield repainted from the arms of House Lothston to those she had once seen at Tarth. Brienne encounters a boy in the streets and a pious dwarf in the Seven Swords. North of the town she sees remnants from the recent battle.[1]

Luco Prestayn's Lady Bright sails from Braavos for Gulltown, Duskendale, King's Landing, and Tyrosh.[17] Seastrider sails from Oldtown to Tyrosh, Pentos, Duskendale, and Maidenpool.[18] While in Braavos, Arya Stark spots trading galleys out of Duskendale.[19]

Chapters that take place at Duskendale


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