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Harbor village
Lordsport HBO.jpg
Lordsport in Game of Thrones
Location Pyke, Iron Islands
Government House Botley
Religion Drowned God
The Iron Islands and the location of Lordsport
The Iron Islands and the location of Lordsport
The Iron Islands and the location of Lordsport[1]

Lordsport is the seat of House Botley on Pyke.[2] It is the largest town in the Iron Islands.[3][4]

Half the size of Lord Hewett's Town,[5] Lordsport is known for its forges and metalworkers, who produce excellent swords, axes, ringmail, and plate.[3] Lordsport provides safe anchor for those who wish to reach the castle of Pyke, seat of House Greyjoy.


During Greyjoy's Rebellion, Lordsport and its timber and wattle keep were the first places on Pyke to fall when King Robert I Baratheon and his forces landed on the island.[6] The keep and the village were razed and the sept was burned to the ground.[2]

After the war, Lord Sawane Botley rebuilt his stronghold as a small square keep atop a hill; the banners of House Botley droop from the castle's squat corner towers.[2]

Lordsport was rebuilt by its smallfolk, who used the stones from the burned remnants and cut new thatch for their roofs. Otter Gimpknee's inn at the harbor doubled in size. The sept was not rebuilt, however, as the ironmen prefer the Drowned God over the Faith of the Seven, the religion of the victorious Robert.[2] Sigrin is a prominent shipwright in Lordsport.[7]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Theon Greyjoy travels through Lordsport on his way to Pyke. His father, Balon Greyjoy, prevents merchant vessels from leaving the harbor.[2]

A Storm of Swords

The captain of the Myraham reports that Euron Greyjoy sailed into Lordsport's harbor the day after Balon died.[8]

A Feast for Crows

It is reported that Euron had Sawane Botley, Lord of Lordsport, drowned because he recognized Balon's heir to be Theon, not Euron.[9] Ralf of Lordsport comes from the village, whose new lord is Germund Botley.[10]

Chapters that take place at Lordsport