A Feast for Crows-Chapter 1

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The Prophet
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Aeron Greyjoy
Place Great Wyk - Hammerhorn - Pebbleton
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The Drowned Man


Aeron Greyjoy, who in the chapter is referred to as "the prophet", is drowning men at a beach on Great Wyk. This a practice in which a worshiper of the Drowned God is held below the water until he drowns. The priest then resuscitates him. Through this initiation the person is stronger:

“What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.” —Aeron Damphair[1]

Gormond Goodbrother appears to bring Aeron to Lord Gorold Goodbrother. Aeron initially declines but relents when the messenger tells him the king, Aeron's brother, is dead. During the journey Aeron remembers his brothers. His father married three times. The sons of his first wife died young. The eldest son from his second marriage was the strongest and fiercest of the remaining. Aeron admired Balon although they were not close in their youth.

When they arrive at Lord Goodbrother's hall at Hammerhorn, Aeron demands that everyone in the hall be sent away so that he and Gorold Goodbrother can speak privately. Lord Goodbrother insists that his maester will stay as well. Aeron disagrees and prepares to leave, but the maester stops him by informing him that Euron Greyjoy has occupied the Seastone Chair. Aeron is shocked. He remembers his brother but with little love. Goodbrother wants advice on whom to support, but Aeron wants to pray first and leaves for Pebbleton.

Again Aeron thinks back to his youth. He was not a very religious man but rather a drunken sod. This changed when he fell overboard in a sea battle during Balon's Rebellion. He almost drowned and became a devoted follower of the Drowned God. Aeron has discussed the succession with Balon. Though Balon wanted his daughter, Asha, to succeed him, Aeron did not agree with having a woman rule the Iron Islands. Theon is a weakling and probably dead. Balon's eldest brother, Euron, is ungodly and Aeron hates him. Thus Aeron makes up his mind; it must be Victarion.

A few days later, Aeron has arrived at Pebbleton and starts to preach. Asha has also claimed the throne. Now Aeron's followers and a number of lords look to him for advice on whom to support. During his preaching, he finds his inspiration: the Ironmen should elect the king in a Kingsmoot as they did in the old days. Every captain is to go to Nagga's Hill on Old Wyk, the ancient place where the old kings were chosen. Aeron hears his followers take up his call and knows he has done the right thing.

Greyjoy family tree

Lady of House Stonetree
Lady of House Piper
Lady of House Sunderly
Alannys Harlaw
Euron "Crow's Eye"
Aeron "Damphair"

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References and Notes

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