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House Greyjoy.svg King
Euron III Greyjoy
Crow's Eye
Euron Greyjoy.svg
King Euron Greyjoy, by Mike Hallstein ©
Reign 299 AC
Coronation 300 AC
Old Wyk
Full name Euron Greyjoy, the Third of His Name since the Grey King
Predecessor Balon IX Greyjoy
Heir None
Personal Information
  • Crow's Eye[1]
  • Euron Croweye[2]
  • Euron Crow's Eye[3]
  • The Crow's Eye[3]
Born 256268 AC[4]
Culture Ironborn
Dynasty Greyjoy
Lover Falia Flowers
Issue At least three bastard sons[6]
Father Lord Quellon Greyjoy
Mother Lady Sunderly
Personal arms A red eye with a black pupil beneath a black iron crown supported by two crows
Played by Pilou Asbæk
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 6 | 7 | 8

Euron Greyjoy, known as Crow's Eye[1] and Euron Crow's Eye,[3] is a member of House Greyjoy and is the eldest of Lord Balon Greyjoy's younger brothers. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones he is portrayed by Pilou Asbæk.

Euron is captain of the Silence, a ship crewed entirely by mutes whose tongues he ripped out. The personal coat-of-arms of the Crow's Eye is a red eye with a black pupil beneath a black iron crown supported by two crows.[7]

Appearance and Character

Euron is pale and handsome with black hair and a neat dark beard.[6] He wears a black patch over his left eye, and is nicknamed Crow's Eye. According to his nephew, Theon Greyjoy, the leather patch conceals a "black eye shining with malice".[8] Euron's right eye is as blue as summer sky and is regarded as his "smiling eye".[6] In addition, his lips are a pale blue, due to his propensity to drink shade of the evening.[9]

Cunning[2] and mocking,[6][9] Euron has a black reputation[10] and a glib tongue.[9] The Crow's Eye is hated by his brothers Aeron,[3] who considers him godless, and Victarion, as Euron impregnated his salt wife.[6]

Despite his dangerous and mercurial nature, Euron has little trouble in drawing men to his service, especially freaks and fools.[11] While most ironborn captains keep the lion's share of plunder, Euron takes almost nothing for himself.[12] Victarion thinks of Euron's supporters as his pets.[6]

Euron owns a suit of black scale armor with various patterns, glyphs, and arcane symbols. His brother Aeron believes it to be of Valyrian steel.[12]


When he was a boy, Euron had a dream that he could fly.[9] He often mocked his younger brother Victarion when they were children.[13] Another brother, Aeron, has terrible memories associated with Euron and the sound of a rusted iron hinge.[6]

Euron - by Amok © Fantasy Flight Games

Balon Greyjoy and his younger brothers, Euron and Victarion, convinced their father, Lord Quellon Greyjoy, to join Robert's Rebellion, and they raided the Reach late in the war. After Quellon was killed in a battle at the Mander, however, the new Lord Balon returned to the Iron Islands with his brothers.[3][14]

At the outset of Greyjoy's Rebellion in 289 AC, Euron concocted a plan to sail into Lannisport and burn the Lannister fleet at anchor. Led by Victarion, the Iron Fleet followed Euron's plan and destroyed the westerlands' naval force.[2] Balon's rebellion was eventually defeated by King Robert I Baratheon, however.[15]

Euron often went reaving.[6] In 297 AC, he was sent away from the Iron Islands by Lord Balon as punishment for seducing or raping Victarion's salt wife, and he was warned never to return while Balon was alive. Victarion wanted to kill Euron and would have if not for the taboo against kinslaying.[3] Euron laughed at Victarion when they parted.[6] Euron has several bastard children but does not have any regard for any of them. One such boy is ten years old with woolly hair and skin the color of mud.[9]

Since Euron's banishment, the Silence has sailed, pillaged, and raped all over the known world. Euron boasts to have travelled to Asshai and even sailed the Smoking Sea and walked the smoking ruins of Valyria.[16] Euron also claims to have owned a dragon egg which a Myrish wizard was unable to hatch.[9] The Crow's Eye alleges he tossed the egg into the sea during one of his foul moods.[9]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Having returned to Pyke, Theon Greyjoy notes that his uncle Euron's ship, Silence, is not in the fleet gathered at Lordsport.[17][2]

A Storm of Swords

News comes to Robb Stark, King in the North, via the captain of the Myraham that Balon Greyjoy, King of the Isles and the North, fell to his death from Pyke. Euron returned to Lordsport and claimed the Seastone Chair. Lord Sawane Botley objected to his claim, however, so Euron had him drowned in a cask of seawater.[10]

A Feast for Crows

King Euron Greyjoy with Falia feasting in Lord Hewett's castle - by Mathia Arkoniel ©

Euron captured a galleas out of Qarth and holds hostage four warlocks,[9] including Pyat Pree,[5] When one warlock resisted, he killed the man and fed him to the other three.[9] According to a semi-canon source, he also seized their dragon horn.[18]

Aeron Greyjoy is informed that his elder brother, Euron, returned to the Iron Islands the day after Balon's death, and the Damphair calls for a kingsmoot to contest Euron.[3] The timing of Euron's return is questioned by Asha Greyjoy and Lord Rodrik Harlaw.[11] Sawane's son Tristifer reports that the Crow's Eye has been bribing supporters with treasure.[11]

Euron mocks his younger brothers, Victarion and Aeron, and his niece, Asha, when he meets his kin at Nagga's Cradle.[6] During the kingsmoot on Old Wyk, Euron has Cragorn blow the dragon horn, which Euron claims he found in the feared ruins of Valyria, and he brags about having sailed all over the known world, including Asshai. Euron promises to conquer all of Westeros for the ironborn using dragons, which he claims he can bind to his will with the horn.[16] Although Aeron considers the Crow's Eye to be a godless man, Euron is elected king, besting his Victarion, Asha, and other contenders.[16]

Asha flees from Old Wyk, and Aeron disappears after promising to raise smallfolk in rebellion.[9] Euron gives plunder from throughout the known world to the ironborn captains.[9] The Crow's Eye has Lord Baelor Blacktyde killed when the man refuses to accept him as his king, taking Baelor's sable cloak as a trophy.[9] Cragorn dies with charred lungs.[9]

Euron begins raids upon the Reach, intending to sell captives into slavery in Essos. After the taking of the Shields, Euron holds a victory's feast in Lord Hewett's castle with the tied and gagged Lord Humfrey Hewett seated next to him. The Crow's Eye forces Humfrey's daughters and granddaughters to serve food and drink to the victorious ironborn. Euron takes Humfrey's bastard daughter, Falia Flowers, as a bedmate and under her suggestion commands the noble-born ladies to strip and serve his men naked.[9]

Euron weakens possible rivals by giving lands and titles to key followers of theirs. However, he fails to move the ironborn beyond raiding, as they are reluctant to embark on a dangerous journey in search of dragons after Lord Harlaw points out all the hazards of such an endeavor. Euron sends Victarion and the Iron Fleet to find Daenerys Targaryen, court her in his name, and bring her and her dragons to Westeros. He tells Victarion that he can succeed him on the Seastone Chair after Euron takes the Iron Throne.[9]

Ironborn attack the Mander,[19] the Arbor,[19] and reach the Whispering Sound.[7] Queen Regent Cersei Lannister tasks Ser Loras Tyrell with resolving the siege of Dragonstone so that the Redwyne fleet can be freed to deal with the ironborn.[19]

A Dance with Dragons

Euron Greyjoy with a dragon horn - by Mathia Arkoniel ©

Euron styles himself King of the Iron Islands and the North,[20] although he ignores Balon's conquests in the north, including Moat Cailin, Deepwood Motte, and Torrhen's Square.[21] With Asha Greyjoy having fled the Iron Islands for Deepwood, Euron weds her to Erik Ironmaker using a seal as her proxy.[21]

Before Victarion Greyjoy departs with the Iron Fleet for Meereen, Euron gives him Maester Kerwin,[13] an unnamed dusky woman,[13], and the dragon horn.[22] Victarion plans to claim Queen Daenerys Targaryen as his own bride instead of bringing her to the Crow's Eye.[13] During his voyage east, Victarion remembers that "Euron's gifts are poisoned" when he hears Moqorro, a rescued red priest, state that those who blow the horn die.[22]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.

Euron has his mutes capture Aeron Damphair after the kingsmoot, and imprisons him in the belly of the Silence. Euron admits to causing the deaths of Harlon, Robin, and Balon making him a kinslayer. He also admits he expects the followers to which he granted the Shield Islands to fail to hold them, thus ridding himself of potential enemies. Euron no longer wears his driftwood crown, but instead wears an iron crown with points made from sharks' teeth. He forces Aeron to drink shade of the evening, and the Damphair has visions of Euron on a throne of skulls and then a bloody Iron Throne, with gods impaled on its spikes. A later vision sees Euron as a kraken-like figure with tentacled face on the Iron Throne, with a shadow woman by his side.

Prior to sailing against the Redwyne fleet and the ships of House Hightower, Aeron sees Euron clad in Valyrian steel armor. Euron has Aeron bound to the prow of the Silence, where he is joined by Falia, pregnant but tongueless. Euron also orders his captains to bind the priests and septons and warlocks he has kidnapped to the prows of their respective ships.[12]

Quotes by Euron

Godless? Why, Aeron, I am the godliest man ever to raise sail! You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray.[6]

—Euron to Aeron Greyjoy

We are the ironborn, and once we were conquerors. Our writ ran everywhere the sound of the waves was heard. My brother would have you be content with the cold and dismal north, my niece with even less ... but I shall give you Lannisport. Highgarden. The Arbor. Oldtown. The riverlands and the Reach, the kingswood and the rainwood, Dorne and the marches, the Mountains of the Moon and the Vale of Arryn, Tarth and the Stepstones. I say we take it all! I say, we take Westeros.[16]

—Euron at the kingsmoot

I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last.[9]

—Euron to Rodrik Harlaw

Perhaps we can fly. All of us. How will we ever know unless we leap from some tall tower? No man ever truly knows what he can do unless he dares to leap.[9]

—Euron to Victarion Greyjoy

Kneel, brother. I am your king. I am your god. Worship me, and I will raise you up to be my priest.[12]

—Euron to Aeron Greyjoy

Quotes about Euron

Lord Balon's eldest brother had never given up the Old Way, even for a day. His Silence, with its black sails and dark red hull, was infamous in every port from Ibben to Asshai, it was said.[2]

—thoughts of Theon Greyjoy

He may be dead, and if he lives, why, he has spent so long at sea, he'd be half a stranger here. The ironborn would never seat a stranger in the Seastone Chair.[2]

Euron Greyjoy is no man’s notion of a king, if half of what Theon said of him was true.[10]

Robb Stark to his bannermen

Tristifer: The Crow's Eye brought back monsters from the east ... aye, and wizards too.
Asha: Nuncle always had a fondness for freaks and fools. My father used to fight with him about it. Let the wizards call upon their gods. The Damphair will call on ours, and drown them.[11]

Balon was mad, Aeron is madder, and Euron is the maddest of them all.[9]

Euron's gifts are poisoned.[9]

—thoughts of Victarion Greyjoy

Tell the Crow's Eye he's afraid of kinslaying and he'll murder one of his own sons just to prove you wrong.[21]

Moqorro: Others seek Daenerys too.
Tyrion: Have you seen these others in your fires?
Moqorro: Only their shadows. One most of all. A tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood.[23]


Lady Stonetree
Lady Piper
Lady Sunderly
Alannys Harlaw
three wives

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Preceded by 2nd King of the Iron Islands and the North
299 AC–present
Crowned 300 AC

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