Hugh Hammer

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Hugh Hammer
Hugh Hammer.jpeg
Art by Enife

Alias Hard Hugh
The Betrayer
Lord Hammer
Title Ser
Lord of Bitterbridge
Allegiance Blacks
Died In 130 AC, at Tumbleton
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Hugh Hammer, or Hard Hugh, was a blacksmith's bastard on Dragonstone during the time of the Dance of the Dragons.[1] He was one of the dragonseeds.

Appearance and Character

Hugh was tall and huge, with hands strong enough to twist steel bars. He wielded a warhammer.


Jacaerys Velaryon called for dragonriders in 129 AC. Vermithor, the dragon of the late King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, allowed Hugh to mount him.[1]

Hugh fought valiantly in the Battle in the Gullet for the blacks, and was named Lord of Bitterbridge afterwards. However, Hugh, along with Ulf the White, defected to the greens at the Treasons of Tumbleton. Together they are known as the Two Betrayers. Hugh aimed to become a king. Prince Daeron Targaryen threw wine in his face when he made his claim known, and Hugh threatened to beat the boy. The next day Hugh wore a crown of black iron, which Ser Roger Corne knocked off. Hugh nailed three horseshoes to Roger's skull. The ensuing fight between Hugh's and Roger's supporters led to three dead and twelve wounded.[1]

The Caltrops conspired to kill both Hugh and Ulf. Hugh was betrayed and slain during the Second Battle of Tumbleton by Ser Jon Roxton, who was killed in turn by Hugh's men.[1]


Why be a lord when you can be a king?[1]

- Hugh to his supporters

We need a strong man to lead us, not a boy. The throne should be mine.[1]

The same right as the Conqueror. A dragon.[1]

- When asked by Ser Jon Roxton by what right Hugh presumed to name himself king

Little boys should be more mannerly when men are speaking. I think your father did not beat you often enough. Take care I do not make up for his lack.[1]

- Hugh to Prince Daeron Targaryen