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The Reach and the location of the Mander
The Reach and the location of the Mander
The Reach and the location of the Mander

The Mander is the largest river in the Reach. Whilst large and powerful, it is a slow-moving river, wide with snags and sandbars to trap the unwary ship.[1][2]


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Men of the Mander, by Tomasz Jedruszek © Fantasy Flight Games

The Mander has its source in hills near Tumbleton in the northeastern Reach near King's Landing. The river flows southwest past Bitterbridge, where it is crossed by the roseroad.[3] After Bitterbridge, the Mander meets the Blueburn near Longtable and then the Cockleswent near Cider Hall. Near Highgarden the Mander meets an as-yet-unnamed river which flows south from Goldengrove. From Highgarden the Mander continues west to a bay of the Sunset Sea near the Shield Islands.[4]

The upper reaches of the Mander are muddy and rough, and only shallow-draughted boats can go as far as Bitterbridge. As they near Highgarden, they settle down and become clear and calm, and are navigable by seagoing vessels.[5][2]


House Tyrell sails pleasure barges[6] along the broad Mander.[7]


Gardener Era

Some say the river is named after House Manderly.[8][9]

According to legend, Garth the Gardener built Highgarden atop a hill along the Mander.[10] John II Gardener, King of the Reach, sailed his barge to the river's headwaters, receiving homage from lords and petty kings during his voyage.[11] The Mander was considered part of the Reach proper.[12]

Historically, the ironborn raided up the river Mander all the way to Stonebridge.[2] Torgon Greyiron was raiding in the river when his father, King Urragon III Greyiron, died.[13]

King Garth VII Gardener fortified the Shield Islands, which sit near the mouth of the river, and armed its smallfolk to guard the approaches and warn those further inland of coming attacks.[2][14]

The headwaters of the Mander were conquered by the Storm King Arlan I Durrandon, but they were eventually lost by the descendants of his grandson, Arlan III.[15] A Dornish king once sacked Highgarden after crossing the Mander.[16]

House Manderly once lived at Dunstonbury on the banks of the mighty river Mander, but they were driven away[17][18][9] by Lord Lorimar Peake at the behest of King Perceon III Gardener.[19] Despite being exiled, the Manderlys still claim the title Lord Marshal of the Mander.[18]

Targaryen Era

A skiff sails the Mander on a sunny day, by Jorge Carrero Roig © Fantasy Flight Games

After the downfall of House Gardener in the Field of Fire, Aegon I Targaryen granted Highgarden to Harlan Tyrell and named him Lord Paramount of the Mander.[20]

The Mander was said to have been red with blood for twenty leagues after the battle of Stonebridge, part of the Faith Militant uprising.[21] According to legend, Septon Mattheus encountered Septon Barth at Bitterbridge in 50 AC.[22]

Ser Rickard Thorne was slain while crossing the Mander at Bitterbridge during the Dance of the Dragons, and Prince Maelor Targaryen was killed shortly after.[23] Many townspeople drowned in the river during the retaliatory sack of Bitterbridge by the greens.[23]

At a crossing of the Mander during the First Blackfyre Rebellion, Ser Quentyn Ball slew all of Lady Penrose's sons except for the youngest, whom he spared as a favor to the lady.[24] The Blackwater Rush and the Mander ran low during the terrible summer drought of 211 AC.[9]

During Robert's Rebellion, the Greyjoys and Shield Islanders fought a battle at the Mander's mouth. Lord Quellon Greyjoy was killed in the fighting.[25]

Baratheon Era

Princess Arianne Martell once crossed the Mander with three Sand Snakes to visit the mother of Tyene Sand.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The shores of the Mander, by David Lecossu © Fantasy Flight Games

Catelyn Stark sees the muddy waters of the Mander when she arrives at the melee at Bitterbridge.[3] Following the siege of Storm's End, forces of Houses Oakheart and Rowan are seen north of the Mander.[26]

A Storm of Swords

Lord Beric Dondarrion sends Greenbeard and the Mad Huntsman south of the Mander to buy provisions for the brotherhood without banners.[27]

A Feast for Crows

Euron Greyjoy, the new King of the Isles and the North, sends Torwold Browntooth and the Red Oarsman with a dozen longships up the Mander to draw away the lords of the Shield Islands. The Iron Fleet is then victorious in the taking of the Shields,[2] allowing the ironborn to sail up the Mander and threaten the Reach.[28][29]

A Dance with Dragons

Ironborn raiders sail up the Mander deep into the heart of the Reach.[30]


As the river is called the Mander, though the Manderlys were driven from its banks a thousand years ago.[9]

The Mander is open to us now, as it was of old.[2]


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