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The Reach and the location of Goldengrove
The Reach and the location of Goldengrove
The Reach and the location of Goldengrove

Goldengrove is the seat of House Rowan. It is east of Red Lake in the north part of the Reach.[1][2] Goldengrove is on a river which flows from the hills near Silverhill south to Highgarden.[3][4]


During the War of Conquest, the King of the Rock, Loren I Lannister, and the King of the Reach, Mern IX Gardener, joined their mighty hosts at Goldengrove before marching against Aegon the Conqueror's army.[5]

During the Dance of the Dragons, the Rowans submitted their castle to the Greens host led by Lord Ormund Hightower fearing that Prince Daeron Targaryen would burn Goldengrove with his dragon, Tessarion.[6]

Lord Thaddeus Rowan died on his way back to Goldengrove in 135 AC.[7]

In 136 AC, King Aegon III Targaryen canceled the royal progress prepared to mark his coming of age. Goldengrove was one of the castles planned to be visited by the king.[7]


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