Thaddeus Rowan

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Thaddeus Rowan
House Rowan.PNG
Title Lord of Goldengrove
Lord Regent
Hand of the King
Allegiance House Rowan
Culture Reach
Born In 76 AC
Died In 136 AC, at Goldengrove
Spouse 3rd: Lady Floris Baratheon[1]
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Thaddeus Rowan was Lord of Goldengrove and head of House Rowan during the Dance of the Dragons.[2]


During the battle of the Honeywine, Lord Thaddeus led an army of blacks against Lord Ormund Hightower's greens. However, the arrival of Prince Daeron Targaryen on his dragon Tessarion turned the battle for the greens. Lord Rowan retreated north with the remnants of his host.[2]

Lord Thaddeus survived the war and in 133 AC he was given the seat of the deceased Lord Roland Westerling in the council of seven that ruled as regents for the child king Aegon III Targaryen. After Lord Unwin Peake resigned as Hand of the King in 134 AC, Thaddeus was named to the position. With the return of the king's brother, Prince Viserys Targaryen, and his wife, Larra Rogare, whose brothers accompanied her to King's Landing, the ambitious Rogare family soon became embroiled in the conflicts of the regency of Aegon III. There were those at court who mistrusted the Rogares, with accusations of wrongdoing being spread back and forth by many parties. Lord Thaddeus, accused of treason and being involved in a plot with the Rogare family, was tortured for information and stripped of his position of Hand.

Thaddeus remained in his post as a regent until the council was dissolved in 136 AC.[3]


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