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Isembard Arryn
Alias The Gilded Falcon
Title Lord of the Eyrie (claimant)
Defender of the Vale (claimant)
Warden of the East (claimant)
Master of coin
Allegiance House Arryn of Gulltown
Culture Valemen
Issue Sons
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)
Personal Arms A golden falcon soaring across against a white moon, on a sky-blue field (Bleu celeste, upon a plate a falcon or rousant of the field)

Isembard Arryn, called the Gilded Falcon, was the head of House Arryn of Gulltown and a claimant to the Eyrie.[1]


Isembard was known as the Gilded Falcon due to his wealth, as men used to jape that the falcon on his arms was made of gold.


After the death of Jeyne Arryn, the Lady of the Eyrie, a succession dispute emerged between her chosen heir, Ser Joffrey Arryn, and a closer cousin, Ser Arnold Arryn. Isembard emerged as a third claimant and used his wealth to bribe lesser lords and hire sellswords to support his claim.[1]

Ser Corwyn Corbray, one of the regents for the young king Aegon III Targaryen, ruled that Jeyne's will must prevail and declared Joffrey the rightful Lord of the Eyrie. Isembard and his sons were imprisoned, but House Grafton still continued to support his claim. Lord Alyn Velaryon eventually defeated Isembard's sellsails and captured Gulltown's harbor.[1]

By the time new regents were to be chosen by lot in 136 AC, Alyn and Lord Benjicot Blackwood had at last forced the supporters of Isembard and Arnold to do homage to Lord Joffrey as their liege. Isembard made his way to King's Landing for the lottery. After Lord Torrhen Manderly was chosen Hand of the King, Alyn suggested that Isembard be named master of coin. Isembard and Torrhen reformed taxes and provided some relief for those suffering from the collapse of the Rogare Bank.[1]


House Arryn
of the Eyrie
Lord Arryn
House Arryn
of Gulltown


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