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Gyles Rosby
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Gyles Rosby TheMico.jpg
Gyles Rosby, art by TheMico ©

Allegiance House Rosby
Culture Crownlands
Born Rosby[1]
Died In 300 AC[2]King's Landing[2]

Played by Unidentified
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1

Gyles Rosby is the Lord of Rosby and the head of House Rosby. Gyles has no immediate heir, though he has a ward at Rosby.[2]

Appearance and Character

Gyles is an old, wealthy man. He is sickly and coughs constantly,[4][5] including into a square of pink silk, [6] a square of scarlet silk trimmed with golden lace,[7] and a square of red silk.[8]

Lord Rosby owns a litter with rich carvings and silk draperies. According to Cersei Lannister, Gyles's horses are better dressed than most knights.[8] Besides his castle at Rosby, Gyles also has spacious apartments in the Kitchen Keep in King's Landing.[9]


Gyles has been married at least twice but remains childless.[3][2] The aunt of his second wife is Lady Tanda Stokeworth, who is herself third cousin to Gyles.[3]

Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne, once suggested Lord Rosby as a potential husband for his daughter, Princess Arianne Martell.[10]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lord Gyles remains at court in King's Landing when fighting breaks out in the riverlands.[4]

A Clash of Kings

Gyles attends the tourney on King Joffrey's name day, and he tries to cheer on Prince Tommen Baratheon when the boy rides against a quintain.[6] During a small supper held by Lady Tanda Stokeworth, Lord Rosby leads a toast to King Joffrey I Baratheon.[11] When he receives his copy of Stannis Baratheon's letter concerning the illegitimacy of Queen Regent Cersei Lannister's children with King Robert I Baratheon, Gyles forwards it to the small council.[12]

Due to the War of the Five Kings, King's Landing is supplied mainly by Lord Rosby and Lady Stokeworth, for their lands are far enough away from the fighting to be untouched by the war.[13] Gyles is present when Tyrion Lannister offers his terms for peace for Ser Cleos Frey to take back to Robb Stark, King in the North.[14]

Lord Gyles survives the riots in King's Landing after the royal procession sees Princess Myrcella Baratheon off to Dorne. Upon returning to the Red keep, Gyles mentions that he saw the High Septon overwhelmed by the mob.[15]

After the riots, Cersei fears for her son's life and decides to send Prince Tommen in secret to Rosby, dressing him as a page and putting him under the protection of Gyles. Tyrion finds out about the plan from Ser Lancel Lannister, however, and has Gyles and his entourage intercepted on the Rosby road by Ser Jacelyn Bywater.[16] Tyrion later decides to release Gyles to appease Cersei.[17]

During the Battle of the Blackwater, Lord Rosby stays in the Queen's Ballroom with Cersei and the other noble ladies. He drinks too much and passes out in a trencher of hollowed bread, which disgusts Cersei.[5]

A Storm of Swords

Gyles is an attendant at the wedding of Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister.[18]

Lord Rosby accompanies Tyrion when he is sent to meet the delegation from Dorne.[19] Tyrion displaces Gyles of his spacious apartments at the Kitchen Keep in the Red Keep.[9]

During the wedding feast of King Joffrey I Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, a melon lands in Lord Rosby's lap when dwarfs reenact the war. Joffrey later chokes to death during the feast.[20]

Gyles is called as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of Tyrion for Joffrey's death. He tells of how he saw Tyrion fill the wedding chalice.[21]

A Feast for Crows

After the funeral of Lord Tywin Lannister, Gyles tells Queen Regent Cersei he has commissioned a statue of Lord Tywin to be placed by the Lion Gate in King's Landing. Rosby's coughing has gotten much worse and he is beginning to cough up blood.[8]

Cersei learns that Tywin had named Garth Tyrell to become the new master of coin. In order to prevent another Tyrell from joining the small council, she lies to Lord Mace Tyrell, telling him she has already named Lord Gyles as the new master of coin to the council instead.[8]

Lord Rosby attends the wedding of King Tommen I Baratheon and Lady Margaery Tyrell at the royal sept.[22]

Gyles intends to replace many officials who had been appointed by Lord Petyr Baelish,[8] and Cersei has him finance Qyburn's experiments on Ser Gregor Clegane.[8] Cersei styles Lord Rosby as lord treasurer.[23]

Noho Dimittis, an envoy from the Iron Bank of Braavos, meets with Gyles six times. Noho is irate when he learns from Cersei that she would suspend all payments on the loans from the Iron Bank until the War of the Five Kings is over.[3] The envoy hounds Gyles so much that he takes to his bed coughing up blood.[24]

Fearing that the Tyrells will force Garth as the new lord treasurer if Gyles dies, Cersei orders Pycelle to keep Lord Rosby alive.[25] Despite the Grand Maester's treatments,[25] however, Gyles is overcome by his sickness and dies at the Red Keep. Cersei threatens Pycelle by insinuating that he killed Lord Rosby, manipulating the Grand Maester against her rival, Margaery. Gyles does not leave behind an immediate heir, but he does have a ward at Rosby. Cersei claims that Lord Rosby's wish was to leave his lands and wealth to her son, King Tommen. Cersei names Ser Harys Swyft as the lord treasurer.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Six claims have been put forth for the Rosby inheritance.[26]

Quotes by Gyles

Pycelle: Where is the coin to come from?

Gyles: There is no ... no ... we do not ...
Harys: The crown incomes have never been greater. Ser Kevan told me so himself.
Gyles: ... expenses ... gold cloaks ...

Cersei: Our lord treasurer is trying to say that we have too many gold cloaks and too little gold.[23]

Quotes about Gyles

The gods must have been mad to waste manhood on the likes of him, and I must have been mad to demand his release.[5]

Lord Gyles has been threatening to die for as long as I have known him, but he is still with us, and will be for many years, I do hope. No doubt he will cough the whole lot of us into our graves.[3]

Pycelle: I ... I have purged his lordship, bled him, treated him with poultices and infusions ... the mists give him some relief and sweetsleep helps with the violence of his coughing, but he is bringing up bits of lung with the blood now, I fear.
Cersei: Be that as it may. You will return to Lord Gyles and inform him that he does not have my leave to die.[25]


Last known title holder:
Lord Rosby
Lord of Rosby
?–300 AC
Preceded byas master of coin Lord treasurer
300 AC
Succeeded byas master of coin
lord treasurer