A Storm of Swords-Chapter 28

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Sansa III
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Sansa
Place King's Landing
Page 316 UK HC (Other versions)
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Sansa II
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Sansa IV
Sansa Stark marries Tyrion Lannister, by Algesiras ©

Expecting to marry Willas Tyrell, Sansa Stark is forced to marry Tyrion Lannister instead.


Sansa is dressing in the gown Cersei Lannister had made for her, thinking to herself what it would be like to marry Willas Tyrell. However, her daydreams are shattered when the queen reveals that she is to marry Tyrion Lannister that very afternoon. Sansa does her duty, realizing there is no way out. Tyrion apologizes to her, saying that it was his father Tywin's wish to see them wed. During the ceremony in the royal sept, Sansa does not bend to allow Tyrion to place his cloak over her shoulders, causing embarrassment for the dwarf.

At the feast in the Small Hall, Ser Garlan Tyrell comforts Sansa, saying that Tyrion will make a good husband, "He is a bigger man than he seems." When the time comes to have them bedded, Tyrion demands that there will be no bedding. He has to threaten King Joffrey I Baratheon to keep him from making the tense moment worse. In bed that night, Tyrion realizes that Sansa is petrified at the thought of losing her maidenhood to him, and he tells her that he will not touch her until she wants him to.

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