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Margaery Tyrell
MargaeryTyrell by BellaBergolts.jpg
Margaery Tyrell, by Bella Bergolts ©

  • Little rose[1]
  • Little queen[2]
  • Maid Margaery[3]
  • Lady
  • Queen Consort
Race Andal
Culture Reach
Born 283 AC (age 16)[4]
Father Lord Mace Tyrell
Mother Lady Alerie Hightower

Played by Natalie Dormer
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Margaery Tyrell is the only daughter of Lord Mace Tyrell and his wife, Lady Alerie Hightower. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones she is played by Natalie Dormer.[6][7]

Appearance and Character

Margaery has thick, softly curling brown hair and large brown eyes.[8][9][3] She has a slender[10] but womanly figure[3] with smooth and unblemished[3] pale skin[11] and small breasts.[12] Margaery is fair and lively,[3] with a shy and sweet smile.[8][13] She is regarded as beautiful[14][10][15][11][3] or pretty[16][3] by most. Tyrion Lannister considers her to be just as comely as Sansa Stark.[17] Both Sansa and Cersei Lannister note the similarities in appearance between Margaery and her youngest brother, Loras.[10][18] According to Cersei, Margaery and Loras look more alike than Cersei and her twin, Jaime.[3] According to Renly Baratheon, there are people who claim Margaery looks like Lyanna Stark.[9]

Margaery is intelligent[16] and shrewd,[19] taking after her cunning grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell.[15] Margaery is her protégée, and as such, Olenna has made certain that Margaery is capable of protecting herself from those who might use or abuse her.[20] Varys describes Margaery as sweet and tractable.[14] Sansa considers Margaery to be sweet and gentle,[15] while Cersei considers her to be restless, as Margaery often goes for a ride, a trip by boat, or out hawking.[21] The generous Margaery is popular with smallfolk.[21][22] She follows the Faith of the Seven.[21]

Margaery's attire includes a sheer gown of ivory silk, Myrish lace, and seed pearls.[3] She also wears green with a cloak of autumn flowers,[10] and a pale green samite gown with a tight-laced bodice that bares her shoulders and the top of her bosom.[12]


Margaery was born at Highgarden[20] in 283 AC[4] to Lord Mace Tyrell and Lady Alerie Hightower. She has three older brothers, Willas, Ser Garlan, and Ser Loras. When she was a little girl, Willas used to read to her, and draw her pictures of the stars.[10] Margaery has been riding horses since she was old enough to walk.[21]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Margaery by Lauren Cannon © Fantasy Flight Games

Lord Renly Baratheon shows Lord Eddard Stark a rose gold locket with a picture of Margaery inside, painted in the Myrish style. Renly hopes Ned would agree she looks like Lyanna Stark, Ned's late sister, but the Lord of Winterfell disagrees.[9] Unbeknownst to Eddard, Renly and Ser Loras Tyrell hope to rid themselves of Queen Cersei Lannister by getting King Robert I Baratheon, who is still in love with Lyanna's memory after fourteen years, to become infatuated with Margaery, as Lord Varys informs Illyrio Mopatis. According to Varys, Loras writes his father, Lord Mace Tyrell, urging him to send Margaery to court.[14] During the Hand's tourney, Robert mentions to Eddard that Renly has been telling him about Loras's sister, a young girl as lovely as a dawn.[23]

Following Robert's death, Renly and Loras flee King's Landing for Highgarden, where Renly marries Margaery and is crowned king in opposition to Robert's heir, Joffrey I Baratheon.[24][25]

A Clash of Kings

Margaery and Renly Baratheon, by Chillyravenart ©

Margaery accompanies Renly and his army on their slow march to King's Landing. At the melee at Bitterbridge, Margaery courteously gives her condolences to Catelyn Stark for the death of her husband, Eddard. During the feast, Catelyn observes Renly giving more of his attention to Loras than his new bride.[8] While they are at Bitterbridge, word arrives that Stannis Baratheon has besieged Storm's End, Renly's seat. Renly departs with his cavalry, leaving Margaery at Bitterbridge with his infantry.[26]

After hearing Renly has been killed during the siege of Storm's End, the small council sends Lord Petyr Baelish as an envoy to Bitterbridge. The Tyrells ally with the Lannisters by planning to wed Margaery to King Joffrey.[27][28] Margaery, who has returned to Highgarden, is sent for by her family.[28]

A Storm of Swords

Margaery, by Amok ©

Now betrothed to King Joffrey I Baratheon, Margaery travels to King's Landing. She is accompanied by a train of ladies, most of whom are either relatives of her or the daughters of her father's bannermen, while others are to be her ladies-in-waiting. Margaery's cousins Alla, Elinor, and Megga Tyrell are among the retinue, as are Lady Alysanne Bulwer, Lady Alyce Graceford, Lady Taena Merryweather, Meredyth Crane, and Septa Nysterica.[29]

Prior to Margaery's arrival, wagons of food have been sent to King's Landing for the starving population. As this is done in Margaery's name, she is greeted in the capital by cheering crowds.[N 1] Margaery invites Sansa Stark to supper. There, she and her grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, make inquiries about Joffrey's nature, until Sansa reveals how Joffrey and Cersei have been treating her. Although Sansa fears the revelation will cause Margaery to refuse the marriage, Margaery and Olenna confide in Sansa that Mace is determined to see Margaery become a queen, while simply calling Joffrey's nature "a pity".[10] Margaery and Olenna suggest to Sansa that she travel to Highgarden after Margaery's wedding, secretly plotting to marry Sansa to Margaery's eldest brother, Willas.[10] Margaery and her ladies take Sansa in, taking her hawking, doing needlework with her, and other such pastimes.[15] While hawking, Margaery's peregrine takes a heron in full flight.[15]

When the Lannisters discover the Tyrell plot to marry Sansa to Willas, Sansa is quickly married off to Tyrion Lannister. Although Margaery and the Tyrells are not present for the wedding ceremony, they are present at the feast, where Margaery gives Sansa a sad look. When Tyrion refuses to participate in the first dance with Sansa, Margaery and Joffrey lead in their stead.[30]

Margaery marries Joffrey on the first day of 300 AC at the Great Sept of Baelor, with the High Septon officiating.[12] Following the ceremony, a great feast is held in the Red Keep. Hamish the Harper brings tears to Margaery's eyes during his performance of "Lord Renly's Ride". Later in the feast, Joffrey dies after drinking poisoned wine.[12]

Margaery attends the trial of Tyrion, who is charged with the murder, dressed in mourning clothes.[11] Lord Mace wants Tyrion to die, oft repeating that his daughter had also drank from the wedding chalice.[11]

Sansa is smuggled out of the city by Dontos Hollard, who brings her to Lord Petyr Baelish in Blackwater Bay. Littlefinger reveals that Olenna had poisoned Joffrey to prevent Joffrey from hurting Margaery and Loras from becoming a kingslayer in order to protect his sister. He reasons that, although Mace is insistent on making Margaery queen, Olenna realized that Joffrey was not needed for this. He predicts that Margaery will soon marry Joffrey's younger brother, Tommen.[31]

Littlefinger's prediction proves to be correct. The Tyrells soon begin insisting that Tommen should be married to Margaery.[32] Lord Tywin Lannister suggests to his son Jaime that he, as heir to Casterly Rock, could leave the Kingsguard and marry Margaery, but Jaime is opposed to the idea.[32] Jaime sees no harm in the match between Margaery and Tommen, as Tommen, who has been lonely ever since his sister, Myrcella left for Dorne, likes having Margaery and her ladies around. Cersei, Tommen's mother, is opposed to it, however.[33]

A Feast for Crows

Margaery by Anders Finer © Fantasy Flight Games

Margaery attends several of the services held in the Great Sept of Baelor for the wake of Lord Tywin Lannister, placing a bouquet of golden roses at his funeral bier.[18][16]

Wearing the same gown as when she wed Joffrey, Margaery marries King Tommen I Baratheon in a small ceremony in the royal sept. During the small feast held afterward, Queen Regent Cersei Lannister is approached by Taena of Myr, who claims that Margaery is paying Cersei's maid Senelle to spy on Cersei for her.[3] Following the feast, Margaery accompanies the guests outside to watch the pyromancers burn down the Tower of the Hand with wildfire, per Cersei's instructions.[3] As the Tyrells have insisted that Margaery and Tommen share a bed during their wedding night, despite the fact that Tommen is too young for consummation, Ser Jaime Lannister escorts them to Tommen's room and stays there all night on the orders of Cersei, to prevent the boy from being left alone with his new wife.[3]

When Cersei asks Margaery's leave to take Taena on as her own companion, Margaery reacts thrilled. Both Cersei and Jaime believe Taena to be a spy informing Margaery of Cersei's doings. Cersei gives Taena only the information she wants Margaery to know, with most of it being untrue. Additionally, Taena informs Cersei of everything Margaery does.[34] Cersei's hatred for Margaery and her family has been building for years, and after Taena informs Cersei that Ser Horas and Ser Hobber Redwyne are in love with Margaery, Cersei begins to plot Margaery's downfall.[2] Cersei does not believe that Margaery is still a maiden, as she claims to be.[35][3] She convinces Ser Osney Kettleblack to seduce Margaery, and plans to have Osney's brother Osmund catch them abed. She tells Taena to inform Margaery of a secret admirer.[2]

Margaery begins to instruct Tommen on his kingship, telling him he should sit on the Iron Throne and attend the small council meetings, which annoys Cersei, who plans to rule until Tommen comes of age.[36] Meanwhile, Cersei names Osney as Tommen's sworn shield, so he can spend more time in Margaery's presence, but Cersei soon grows impatient as Margaery does not respond to Osney's charms as hoped. Osmund insists it is because Osney and Margaery are never alone. Margaery often prays with Septa Nysterica, reads with her cousin Elinor, sings with her cousin Alla, sews with her cousin Megga, and plays come-into-my-castle with Alysanne Bulwer. Margaery hawks with Janna Fossoway and Meredyth Crane, and she always rides with several companions and at least twelve guards.[36] She sails the Blackwater Rush, and prays at the Great Sept.[21] During a trip to the kingswood, Ser Tallad the Tall teaches Margaery and Tommen how to fight with a staff.[21]

Osney's mention of men always being around Margaery inspires Cersei,[36] who further inquires about them with Taena.[21] Taena names Ser Lambert Turnberry, Ser Bayard Norcross, Ser Courtenay Greenhill, and Ser Portifer and Ser Lucantine Woodwright as admirers of Margaery, and Lady Merryweather identifies Grand Maester Pycelle as a frequent visitor as well.[21] When Cersei asks about Margaery's wedding night with Renly, Taena claims that even though Margaery insists that Renly had drunk too much wine at the wedding feast to consummate the marriage, his manhood had been anything but weary when she had last seen it. Taena also admits that no bloody sheet was shown the next morning, which Cersei acknowledges means little, as highborn girls often break their maidenhead by horse riding.[21]

Margaery gives Tommen three black kittens,[36] which the boy names Boots, Lady Whiskers, and Ser Pounce.[19] Margaery's frequent invitations to Tommen to accompany her on trips near the city, and Cersei's frequent refusal to allow him to go, make Tommen sullen with Cersei. The Queen Regent believes that Margaery is attempting to steal Tommen from her.[21] Margaery tells Tommen he should attend court and listen to petitioners, and the boy king starts to openly object to Cersei's hatred for Margaery.[37] The young queen gains favor with the residents of King's Landing by visiting local markets to buy fresh fruits, bread, and fish, ordering dresses from local seamstresses, and making great public shows of charity.[21] Tommen gives the name Queen Margaery to one of Cersei's dromonds.[21]

After the taking of the Shields by the ironborn, Margaery insists to the small council that her father, Lord Mace Tyrell, and his forces be allowed to return to the Reach, abandoning the siege of Storm's End. She is shocked when Cersei refers to the Shield Islands as "rocks" and seems to lack understanding for the threat posed by the ironborn. She is shocked even more when Loras asks permission to take Dragonstone, so the Redwyne fleet is no longer needed at the island and can return to the Reach to face the ironborn.[38]

Although Loras is successful in taking Dragonstone, he is severely injured in the assault. Margaery is tearful when Cersei informs her of Loras's injuries, and when Cersei implies Loras's impending death, Margaery orders her to leave the Maidenvault.[37] Margaery remains distraught about Loras and brings Tommen to the sept every day to pray for her brother.[19]

Cersei questions Pycelle about his frequent visits to Margaery, and has him confess to providing Margaery with moon tea. She next invites the Blue Bard over, and questions him about his sexual history with Margaery. Although the Blue Bard denies the claims, Cersei has him arrested and brought to Qyburn. The master of whisperers tortures the bard until the man claims to have had sex with Margaery's cousins and played music for Margaery while she entertained lovers herself. He names several men, including Horas and Hobber Redwyne, and Loras Tyrell, but Cersei insists they are not to be charged.[19]

When Cersei Lannister visits Margaery after her arrest, Margaery accuses Cersei of involvement in her troubles. Art by Cabepfir©

On Maiden's Day, Margaery fasts and purifies herself, as is required of all maidens. This inspires Cersei, who orders Ser Osney Kettleblack to confess to the new High Septon, the so-called High Sparrow, that he had slept with Margaery, Elinor, and Megga while Alla watched.[19] Osney goes to falsely confess, and Margaery and her cousins are arrested by the Faith.[22] Her clothes are taken, and she is given a roughspun shift to wear. Margaery is separated from her cousins, and visited every hour by a septa, even during the night, who asks Margaery to confess her fornications.[22] Margaery is accused of lewdness, fornication, adultery, and high treason. At the behest of the High Septon, Septa Moelle examines Margaery and finds that her maidenhead has been broken. Moelle reports this at court, where Pycelle adds how he provided moon tea for Margaery on several occasions. Cersei has Ser Tallad, Jalabhar Xho, Hamish the Harper, Hugh Clifton, Ser Mark Mullendore, Bayard, Lambert, Horas and Hobber, and the Blue Bard arrested for having been involved in Margaery's treason. Before the day is over, a mob of smallfolk forms before the Great Sept to protest Margaery's arrest.[22]

Cersei goes to visit Margaery the next day, and tells her there is going to be a trial. She suggests that Margaery can chose for a trial by battle if she wants, in which case a knight of the Kingsguard is to defend her. Margaery is quick to understand that it would come down to either Ser Meryn Trant or Ser Boros Blount,[N 2] neither of whom would probably fare well against Osney Kettleblack. She scolds Cersei for wanting Tommen all for herself, acknowledging that she knows Cersei wants her dead.[22]

Cersei visits the High Sparrow, who agrees that the Faith will conduct Margaery's trial. However, he refuses to allow Cersei to take custody of Ser Osney, and reveals that, under further questioning and torture, Osney admitted to having slept with Cersei, not Margaery. Cersei is subsequently arrested as well. The mob remains in front of the Great Sept, calling out Margaery's name.[22]

When news of his daughter's arrest reaches him, Lord Mace abandons his siege of Storm's End to march most of his army back to King's Landing. His bannerman, Lord Randyll Tarly, leaves Maidenpool with his own army to give Margaery his aid.[22]

A Dance with Dragons

Randyll Tarly is the first to reach King's Landing. As all the men who stand accused—with the exception of the Blue Bard, who appears to be half-mad—have denied the charges or recanted, the evidence against Margaery and her cousins is weak. As such, the High Sparrow agrees to hand them over to Lord Tarly's custody, who swears that he will return them for the trial.[39]

During her walk of atonement, Cersei Lannister hears some of the angry smallfolk shout out the names of Margaery and Stannis Baratheon.[40]

Although the stormlands are under attack by the Golden Company, Lord Mace Tyrell refuses to leave King's Landing with his army until Margaery's trial is over and she is declared innocent.[39] Margaery plans to let the Faith sit in judgement of her.[40] Mace wishes for King Tommen to declare Margaery innocent, but Lord Regent Kevan Lannister argues against the idea, knowing it would mean that the whispers of accusation would follow Margaery forever. Kevan quietly wonders why Mace insists on having his army present when Margaery faces her accusers, if she is as innocent as Mace would have them all believe.[41]

Quotes by Margaery

Natalie Dormer as Margaery in Game of Thrones

Margaery: Grandmother, mind your words, or what will Sansa think of us?
Olenna: She might think we have some wits about us. One of us, at any rate.[10]

—Margaery and Olenna Tyrell

Sansa: You mustn't marry him. He's not like he seems, he's not. He'll hurt you.
Margaery: I shouldn't think so. It's brave of you to warn me, but you need not fear. Joff's spoiled and vain and I don't doubt that he's as cruel as you say, but Father forced him to name Loras to his Kingsguard before he would agree to the match. I shall have the finest knight in the Seven Kingdoms protecting me night and day, as Prince Aemon protected Naerys. So our little lion had best behave, hadn't he?[15]

Sansa Stark and Margaery

I know what a burden you bear. You should let me share the load. There must be some things I could do to help you. It would put to rest all this talk that you and I are rivals for the king.[21]

—Margaery to Cersei Lannister

Cersei: You wrong me, daughter. All I want—
Margaery: —is your son, all for yourself. He will never have a wife that you don't hate. And I am not your daughter, thank the gods.[22]

Cersei Lannister and Margaery

Quotes about Margaery

Ned was not sure what to make of Renly, with all his friendly ways and easy smiles. A few days past, he had taken Ned aside to show him an exquisite rose gold locklet. Inside was a miniature painted in the vivid Myrish style, of a lovely young girl with doe's eyes and a cascade of soft brown hair.[9]

—thoughts of Eddard Stark

The girl is a maid of fourteen, sweet and beautiful and tractable, and Lord Renly and Ser Loras intend that Robert should bed her, wed her, and make a new queen.[14]

Stannis: We both know your wedding was a mummer's farce. A year ago you were scheming to make the girl one of Robert's whores.
Renly: A year ago I was scheming to make the girl Robert’s queen.[26]

If you had to fall into a woman's arms, my son, why couldn't they have been Margaery Tyrell's? The wealth and power of Highgarden could have made all the difference in the fighting yet to come. And perhaps Grey Wind would have liked the smell of her as well.[13]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark

Margaery was different, though. Sweet and gentle, yet there was a little of her grandmother in her, too.[15]

—thoughts of Sansa Stark

Her smile was shy and sweet. A lovely girl, thought Tyrion, and a kinder fate than my nephew deserves.[12]

—thoughts of Tyrion Lannister

So the girl is as clever as she is pretty. Tommen could do a deal worse for a queen.[16]

—thoughts of Jaime Lannister

She is pretty enough, she had to admit, but most of that is youth. Even peasant girls are pretty at a certain age, when they are still fresh and innocent and unspoiled, and most of them have the same brown hair and brown eyes as she does. Only a fool would ever claim she was more beautiful than I. The world was full of fools, however. So was her son's court.[3]

—thoughts of Cersei Lannister



Behind the Scenes

According to George R. R. Martin, Margaery has similarities with Anne Boleyn.[42] Coincidentally, Natalie Dormer portrayed Anne Boleyn in the show "The Tudors" prior to join Game of Thrones.


  1. Despite the fact that House Tyrell had played a large role in the starvation by closing the Roseroad off when the war started.
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