A Feast for Crows-Chapter 7

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Cersei II
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Cersei Lannister
Place King's Landing
Page 99 UK HC (Other versions)
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Cersei I
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Cersei III


Cersei arrives at the Great Sept of Baelor for Tywin's wake. She worries. Tommen seems to have a cold and the current High Septon was appointed by Tyrion. She wonders if she should have him removed. Tommen and Cersei both notice the stench that is emanating from her father's corpse.

After the service, the procession of mourners come to offer condolences to Cersei. First is Falyse Stokeworth, who mentions that her sister is ready to give birth and the family would like to name the child Tywin. Cersei is offended and brusquely forbids her. Next is Lancel who is still looking half dead. As he begins to mention his love and then his new-found faith, Cersei heads him off by saying, "Atonement is best achieved through prayer. Silent prayer." The only mourner to please Cersei is Taena Merryweather, who promises that all her friends in the Free Cities have been notified to watch for and seize Tyrion.

When Mace Tyrell comes before her, he mentions that his uncle Garth is on the way to assume the duties of Master of Coin. The Queen Regent, not wishing to see another Tyrell on the small council, immediately backpedals that Gyles Rosby has already accepted the post. This upsets Tyrell and his mother, as Tywin had wanted Garth to assume the position. The Queen of Thorns then brings up the terrible smell in the sept, and Cersei wants nothing more than to get rid of the clever old woman. But Lady Olenna states she will not depart until Margaery is wed to Tommen. Leaving the Sept, Cersei rides back to the Red Keep with Gyles Rosby, asking him belatedly to be her new master of coin, which he accepts.

Back in her rooms, Qyburn pays her a visit, revealing that he discovered in the undergaoler's sleeping cell a gold coin that dated back to the Gardener Kings of the Reach. Once again, Cersei is suspicious that the Tyrells had a hand in Tyrion's escape and Tywin's murder. Qyburn then asks if he may experiment on the dying Gregor Clegane in the black cells, since he is more adept at the nature of death than any of the archmaesters from the Citadel. She agrees with his request, but tells him to bring her Gregor's head when he dies, as her father had promised it to Dorne. Finally, Kevan meets with her for dinner, as she had requested.

Cersei asks him to be Tommen's Hand. Kevan first admonishes her for making Mace Tyrell look a fool in front of half the court. He then informs her that he would rather help his son Lancel take control of Castle Darry. He offers to take up the position as Hand, provided Cersei removes herself from King's Landing and returns to Casterly Rock. Cersei is infuriated and a fierce argument takes place during which she threatens Kevan. Unfazed, Kevan counsels her to name Randyll Tarly or Mathis Rowan as Tommen's Hand. As both men are Tyrell vassals, this makes Cersei even more angry and she accuses him of abandoning Tommen. As he departs, Kevan reveals that he knows who Tommen's father really is.

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